The Story of Javier – More Than Just A Trooper

fallout 6 - The Story of Javier - More Than Just A Trooper

When you reach a certain level of reputation with the NCR, they will give you an emergency radio which can be used to summon an NCR Trooper or Ranger to help you out in a firefight and become a temporary companion. One day I decided I would use this Radio while in particularly tough fight with some Legionary Assassins. I summoned my Ranger and the ranger showed up, I decided to call her Christina, and the story I made up for her is that she is a dedicated mother from back west, and currently whilst out on tour her two young Children, aged 5 and 8, are being cared for by their grandmother Susan and her husband David. One day later I got into another fight and decided to summon my Trooper, who I called Javier.

Now Javier was a rather insignificant Trooper at first, I had seen so many Troopers die in my travels that I was fully accepting that this young willing man might just meet his end at the blade or bullet of a Legionary. But no. Christina hadn't seen her children in a long while so she got some leave from her superior to go back west and spend time with them, but would be sent back to the Mojave if a major military development occurred. Javier had a fiance, but that's no cause to get leave from the NCR, so he would write her any chance he got; when me and Boone decided it might be time to rest our legs and set up camp. Javier discussed how when he got home after the 2nd Battle of Hoover dam he would marry his fiance Bridget, how they would have children not long after, and how they would settle down somewhere on the west coast and have a ranch.

He seemed rather confident that he was going to live, he knew not every trooper would but he had heard stories about my reputation with the NCR and how good a fighter I was, in his mind being here to protect me would ultimately protect him. He was wrong. I had thought that Javier might make it to Hoover Dam, since most enemies seemed to favour attacking me over him, and he could hold his own surprisingly well. But one day, a Fiend Sniper saw me and started taking pot shots, I got down, as did Boone and ED-E being that they knew it would be for the best. Javier took to long to get down, and suffered a mortal wound on his chest.

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I rushed him back to McCarran, but there was nothing they could do. He was pronounced dead. Now in reality a lot of this never really happened, I mean sure I had a trooper with my character who lived a long time, but his tragic death and my rushing him back to McCarran never happened, he just one day died of a Fiend attack. But I had invented this backstory for him, and I had gotten really, really attached, so I am not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear or two when he died. I wasn't balling my eyes out or anything, but I did get quite teary. Javier had been with me for about one whole real life month, which is amazing, and again i was really attached to him. The only other time I have ever cried at a Fallout Game was at the end of the story of The Survivalist, which granted was a far more heart-touching story but Javier was close to me.

So I held a funeral.

This is it.

We had a great turn-out that day, I gave a speech, you can see Bridget, Javier's mother, Javier's sister, Javier's best friend and also you can see Christine. It was amazing, and in future Fallout games I'd love to see a different type of cemetery with open graves containing coffins or something, so I maybe wouldn't have to just plop a body in a hole and call it a day.

Anyway, I liked Javier, I gave him a funeral, he had a backstory. I hope you enjoyed

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