The straw that broke the camel’s back.

fallout 7 - The straw that broke the camel's back.

So I've played almost every day since launch, I have 2 accounts, 8 characters, 5 of which are over 50, 2 of which are over 150. I LOVE this game, I always said if they made a multiplayer version of Fallout I'd probably never play another game. I've dealt with the persistent performance issues, DCs, exploiters, quest and challenge bugs, ETC but this takes the cake.

Ever since I first heard rumors about the legendary vendor a few months ago I have saved every single legendary item I have found. I made one of my characters have all of the weight reduction perks and even with that he had over 2,000 lbs of legendary weapons and armor, a literal TON. Over the last week I took 3 of my characters and disseminated the gear between them and had them scrap it all, I had almost 3,000 scrip the day the vendor dropped. I spent all of it on 3 star legendary weapons and armor (mostly weapons) got a bunch of garbage, a few decent items with explosive and some other blah modifier but when I finally logged in with my Bloody/Unyielding Unarmed character I got it; The Holy Grail, The Mona Lisa, Il pièce de résistance…

Bloody Mole Miner Gauntlet with Swing Speed and +1 Endurance

Heavenly Chorus

Holy crap this thing is AMAZING, 1-hitting almost everything I come across (when it actually registers the damage but that rant is for another time), swings so fast I can just dive head first into any group of enemies and usually come out on top.

Hey! You know what this needs? An extra spike! Let's run over to Blackwater mine and kill some mole miners so I can get the teeth I need to mod it. Go to BWM and kill a bunch of miners, scrap their weapons at the weapons bench inside, mod my gauntlet and make my way back out the front. Since I killed a few more mole miners on my way out I ran over to my friend's camp that was just outside whitesprings station and scrap the stuff in my inventory, leave, pull out my weapon and my hands are empty, "that's weird" I thought, looked in my pip boy for it and POOF my Top Tier weapon that I spent months farming for is just gone.


Looked everywhere frantically on the ground, in my stash, all through my pip boy …nothing…gone…

I've literally never done this is 30 years of gaming but I sent an issue report because my heart was broken, their response? "Yeah we know it's an issue, we're trying to fix it but WE'RE DEFINITELY NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR YOU"

I've played this game for months and have defended it vociferously, I have put over 800 hours in to just one of my accounts and have spent a bit between 2 copies of the game and a bunch of stuff from the atom shop AND THIS HOW YOU GONNA DO ME BETHESDA??!

I'm having a hard time even bringing myself to play now, what's the point when months of preparation and effort can just be pissed out the window without so much as even a "We're sorry"


In response to their message: "You have lost my patience and are treading awfully thin on my continued support, you need to take some real steps to fix this because you have wasted hundreds of hours for your customers, a 'Thanks for your patience' message isn't going to cut it this time."

Now I know they aren't just going to take people's word for it and give them whatever item they claim they lost but a few hundred legendary scrip for everyone wouldn't be out of the question, they need to actually act as if they care about the awful experience that this has been for people who were really looking forward to it or they are going to lose the last of their dwindling player base.

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