The strongest solo build in Fallout 76

fallout 4 - The strongest solo build in Fallout 76

Here is an early prediction of what could be one of the strongest builds to use in 76. This build relies on VATS since based on the information of the perks available, that is likely going to give you the most damage and survivability possible. Besides that, combine this all with power armor to get strong defense, and get the buffs from individual food and from being well fed.

3 Strength (155 base + 5 carry weight per strength level)

  • Allows you to have 3 Shotgunner perks, giving you +20% shotgun damage

12 Perception (increase vats accuracy)

  • 3 Concentrated Fire to improve accuracy and damage when focus firing limbs.
  • 3 Lockpick perks to open locks and get better loot.
  • 3 Rifleman perks to gain 20% damage with non automatic rifles
  • 3 Skeet Shooter perks to get better accuracy and spread with shotguns

1 Endurance

  • All known perks are rather mediocre and you only get 5HP per endurance, so you can only gain 70HP more which isn't that much. (250 is the base HP)

4 Charisma

  • 3 Lone Wanderer perks to take 20% less damage and gain 20% AP regen.

14 intelligence (subject to change with card swapping)

  • 3 Hacker perks for to hack more terminals and get more loot
  • 5 Gunsmith perks so Guns break 50%slower and you can now craft Tier 5 guns. You can now craft the strongest weapons
  • Science perk so you can craft energy weapons
  • 2 exotic weapon perks to create more weapon and modifications
  • 3 First Aid perks so your stimpaks heal 40% more

8 Agility (default 105 AP + 10 AP per agility level)

  • 3 points in Action Boy to gain 45% action point regen
  • 3 points in Dodgy to gain 20% chance to avoid attacks
  • (2 Gun Fu which will likely increase damage on multiple VATS targets)

12 Luck (more critical strikes)

  • 3 Mysterious stranger perks for extra damage
  • 3 Serendipity to gain 45% damage avoidance when below 35% HP
  • 2 Starched Genes so you can choose a mutation
  • (2 Mysterious Savior perks which will likely give a chance to revive you when you are solo and downed)*
  • (2 Grim Reaper's Sprint to give a chance to instantly restore AP)*

everything with an asterisks is unsure because the full perk details are unknown

This build leaves only 47 out of 49 available perk points spend, which will change when more information becomes available. Perk allocation is still subject to change based on what new perk details we'll get to know

If anyone figured out the maths to what could make this build better or has their own build, that would be very welcome.


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