The sub’s panties are in a wad again

fallout 6 - The sub’s panties are in a wad again

Look, we all want to see 76 get better. When you scroll through the sub, you have to sift through the top 30 posts being some variation of the same complaint, using various levels of harsh language and ridiculous-to-implement solutions, then you see someone post a picture of their camp or an idea for a new radio station and Lo and behold there’s a Bethesda reply.

It’s no secret that devs don’t spend time reading a bunch of butt-hurt, entitled bullshit. It’s not productive and no one is going to implement a two sentence idea buried in an 8 page disposition on why instanced loot is good in your favorite MMO from ten years ago.

Today, the outrage on the sub is the dungeon is too easy. Last week: the sheepsquatch is too hard. The week before: not enough hard end game content, not enough ways to farm legendaries. The week before: 8000 threads about repair kits that forced a pinned thread and booted the “known issues” thread from the top; a thread that is organized and direct and gets direct replies and shit eventually ends up fixed in the game. A thread that actually matters. In case you haven’t noticed, you can’t mod weapons, armor or power armor right now. That’s an actual issue affecting a core game mechanic.


Wild Appalachia is the first content pack of 3. “Is this the end game?” No. It’s not. The first pack is almost always about QoL and extra “first play through” content to entice potential on-the-fence buyers to hop in, and have just enough allure to get players who haven’t played in a while to log in.

In case you haven’t humbled your ego yet, no one is responsible for catering to you because you jammed 600 hours in less than half a year and got bored. You account for about 5% of the entire player base. You’ll get your high level raids, nuclear winter, new main quest, legendary perks and plenty more to do over the next quarter.

I’m not trying to insult anyone here, but hopefully help you gain some perspective. On BGS’ defense, they never said it would be instanced or be the end game content you were waiting for. I, for one am most impressed by all the QoL in the latest patch and its unfortunate the patches usually revert previously fixed problems and the turn around to re-fixing those things takes too long IMO.

Let’s save the outrage for things that do matter and try to organize and consolidate that feedback while also respecting the humans that design your games for 8-10 hours a day then return home to their families, and occasionally donate some of that time to address your concerns here.

Edit- thanks anon for silver 🙂

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