The T Pose gang And The Haunting Of Appalachia

fallout 6 - The T Pose gang And The Haunting Of Appalachia

Warning to all Wastelanders exploring Appalachia, there seems to be a new gang in town and they aren't that dangerous but annoying. They call themselves the T Pose gang! They are usually made up of Ghouls and Scorched, they don't follow the rules of reality or time. Instead they trick you into a false sense of safety by going into T pose and waiting for you to get close and then they attack! Sometimes when you shoot them the bullets go right through them! Other times they just appear! And other times they are able to shoot you from impossible angles and teleport like crazy! I know what you're thinking, perhaps its the internet speed? Lag right!? WRONG!

FACT! The T pose is recruiting as we speak!

FACT! The T pose gang grows everyday!

FACT! At this rate they will have taken over the game in a few days, maybe its already happened!



Also I just wanted to put this out there in case no one else noticed, but the game is haunted. Apart from the T pose gang, have you ever been exploring a building and all of a sudden heard another human? I'm not talking a ghoul or a scorched with there scratchy voices, no I mean an actual human. Not a real player, but a human NPC say something or make a sound? Well you may have not noticed but uh…THERE AREN'T ANY HUMAN NPC'S.

And I mean all the other bugs? I've come to the conclusion that the game is just haunted at this point.

So please, becareful out there, the T pose gang is always watching, waiting for you to turn their back, they may be dumb as hell, but if you get enough of them to come after you, they will munch on you!

P.S. Watch this thread get removed for NOT DESCRIPTIVE ENOUGH, this keeps happening, so picky!

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