The tale of the solo Fasnacht (public server)

fallout 76 discussion and inform - The tale of the solo Fasnacht (public server)

Fellow vault maniacs, please allow me to share a story.

I joined a server early this morning (just after 7AM EST) to farm those sweet, sweet masks. The event was almost not started (less than 2 minutes to talk to master of ceremonies).. I thought, well I'm here to be merry, guess I'll give it a shot. Others must be coming. Look at my map… One level 60 guy in New Gad. He must be joining soon, right? Nope. Solo it is.

First challenge was having to do all the pre-work, which usually I can check off one bit, and help another with the group. But it turns out there is actually a lot of time to do this if you know where to go.

Find robots… Butcherbot, great, intestines are easy. Get that done quick.

Honey beasts from beeswaxbot on the way, deal with them later.

Woodbot donation, Ugh I was carrying 48/50, quickly scrap a Stein and finish that up.

Candlebot, quick circle around town, take out the beasts and raid some bee hives. Check.

Knew the last was bakerbot from surveys of other possible robot spawns. Cruise through the river, grab some eggs, check.

Got em all.

Check server again, no one. I've never seen a public server empty unless it was following maintenance or right before they shut them down. Eerie. Ahh crap AWOL is on, oh well.

Next challenge, keeping these hosehead robots from imploding.

Quick bar added my shishkebab for healing the robots. Bloodied Tesla for toads, wolves. Bloodied Gatling for mutants/sloth. Pop a berry mentats. Crack a nuka quantum. Here we go.


Toads phase was a breeze with Tesla. Berry mentats were helpful to see the enemies through all the slog. Next, into what I figure will be my failure, the mutant rush. I stand up on the photo frame thing, as middle and near to my precious metal friends, and get ready for a quick shot blood bath. As quickly as they spawn, I'm no-scope 360 VATSing nukers, Gunners, molotov throwers. One nuke went off near the group, but minimal harm. Made it through!

Onto what I figured would be the easiest, the sloth psychout and animal rush. This is a lot different than with a group not fixating on a legendary or having many bullets for the fodder. The stingwings and wolves briefly made it to the bots, getting a few hits. The sloth took WAY more 5mm than I expected him to (more your av-ah-rage sloth), and one of the dumb, brave, assholebots sauntered his way right into sloth range.

So close, so close… NO! I see a jester mask donned pile of scrap falling to the ground. I knew this meant less reward, and essentially my failure as a veteran 76er… But wait, the master of ceremonies is ending the event, the overlay says 0/5 botboys lost (COMPLETE), the tragic loss happened right on the last second so it didn't count!

Come on baby light my bonfire, and just like that, plans, owl mask (my first since last year), and some T-notes.

And that's my story on how you can solo the fasnacht event, but probably better than me. 🙂

Merry fasnacht!

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