The thing I really enjoy about FO76 is how relaxed it feels.

fallout 5 - The thing I really enjoy about FO76 is how relaxed it feels.

I know one of the major criticism of this game is how big and empty the game is and I get it. We're so used to games delivering us non-stop action or an extremely immersive and all absorbing story line that the cruisy, almost invisible nature of FO76's plot kinda makes you feel a little restless. I felt it too. Like I was just wandering the wastes randomly bumping into quests, either having no objective or so many that any sense of importance was diluted into "what is the closest quest that I can fast travel to".

But then I started playing with a buddy of mine. We started making up our own goals and teaming up to tackle harder tasks than what we could manage alone. We created new characters and only played them together (until about level 35 when that bastard started leveling up without me). We could spend hours doing the most meaningless tasks (we spent about an hour on the god damn agility course and still didn't beat it) but it didn't matter. We weren't in any rush. There was nothing to rush toward.

You see, one of the biggest criticisms about this game seems to be the lack of consequences. Funny thing is, I see this more of one of it's strengths. The costs of dying are low, so if you get killed (or watch you're friends bleed out and laugh) it's no biggie. The plot is thin, so if you aren't pouring over a walk-through on how to get the "good ending" it doesn't really matter.


I found myself enjoying things that I would probably have coined as "casual" in any other game. Some of my favorite pass times were trying to recruit people for my "elite squad" at Whitespring golf course, bounty hunting (just before writing this, I killed a level 7 as a level 66 because he had a 5 cap bounty on his head… I'm not proud of that) or just laughing my ass off at the various bugs in the game.

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So if I have one piece of advice for someone not enjoying FO76, go out and be a d*ck. Talk to strangers. Go to the red zone at level 10. Get that ProSnap camera out when you a naked man with elongated limbs run past. You'll enjoy it, trust me.

Also sorry but little plug, I've recorded some inventory mana… I mean "gameplay" and made a terrible video with it. If any of you beautiful people like to go and check it out that would be muchly appreciated.

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