The “Trade Exploit” glitch isn’t real and has no proof.

fallout 3 - The "Trade Exploit" glitch isn't real and has no proof.

Here's the video.

Prove me wrong. You know. With proof, not claims with no backing.

Realistically, with all of these claims, a video containing proof from EITHER SIDE would have been released, or a YouTuber would have covered it, but guess what? They are all silent, because there's nothing to report on. All of those randoms running up to you trying to trade you are people trying to figure out how to do it, rather than those who have the supposed "knowledge" of how to do abuse an exploit that doesn't even exist.

Or dislike this post and move along because "OOH AH BETHESDA NO GOOD"


Anyone claiming to be able to do this exploit, shoot me a message on Xbox (GT: Primus Marx). I'll record the entire encounter, so we can either get proof or shut the rumor down.

For the below circulating/rumored steps:

  • Step 1. Both players must have weapon equipped, player getting robbed needs to have the weapon in question equipped.
  • Step 2. Player robbing needs to be the one to initiate the trade
  • Step 3. Player robbing can request to buy the weapon in question for 0 caps and can then accept the trade themselves.

Call me crazy, but this doesn't make any sense. When you trade with a player and select an item, you do not set the price of the item you selected. You mark the item as 'Requested' and then the other players sees your request, then sets their price. This mechanic doesn't change regardless of who has their weapon out.


UPDATE: (Video on the way)

A friendly user below so kindly offered to help test this 'exploit' and the results were nil.

  1. I equipped a two shot ultracite pistol while he equipped All Rise.
  2. Through the multiple times we traded, both he and I initiated the trades.
  3. Any time either one of us requested a weapon, we did not have an option to set the price to zero caps, or any amount of caps – the original owner of the item only has that ability.
  4. also note that I tried the 'trick' where you initiate trade with a player, then double click the right stick (or offer only toggle key) to see the other player's inventory without them accepting the trade. This also did nothing.

Evidently (based on what has been released on Reddit so far), I think it's safe to say this isn't something you have to worry about.

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Video will be up soon.

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