The “Very Fast” melee weapon class needs a serious overhaul starting with the Chainsaw

fallout 6 - The "Very Fast" melee weapon class needs a serious overhaul starting with the Chainsaw

Hey everyone! Revisiting some old ideas that I've been compiling here and there over the past few months. This one includes ideas related to the "Very Fast" melee weapon class. There's an emphasis on the Chainsaw in particular, but also some suggestions to add pro's and con's to each weapon so they may all serve a role when compared against each other. Let's begin!


  • Add to legendary pool! It's clear this is something the community would love to see!

  • Raise base damage to somewhere in the 35-40 range (which is close to what it used to be when over-repaired to 200%). As a trade-off for the high damage potential, it would have the slowest movement speed in class due to its weight, and slightly quicker durability degradation.

  • Doesn’t even need to go up to level 50, it can stay as a level 20 weapon as long as it’s usable.

  • Re-evaluate it's mods to make sure they work properly. Example: Dual Bar states "superior damage" but it does not increase it's damage at all.

  • Allow it to benefit from perks!

  • Here's an idea: Having it benefit from the "Basher" perks would give it a unique niche, separate from all other melee weapons. This would be justified by the fact that it is held like a heavy gun.

  • With full ranks of "Basher" and "Bloody Mess, we'd be looking at 60-70 damage, before equipping the Flamer mod for a sprinkle of energy damage, and the Bow Bar for armor penetration. That's nasty!

  • Crazy alternative approach #1: allow legendary versions to drop with "+40% Bash Damage" effect (normally limited to guns only). This effect is considered trash-tier but would be extremely potent on the Chainsaw if it was boosted by "Basher" perks.

  • Crazy alternative approach #2: Classify it as a "hybrid" heavy weapon, allowing it benefit from perks like "Bear Arms" and "Stabilized". The base damage buff might need to be dialed back a bit in this case to around 25-30, and it should not benefit from "Heavy Gunner" damage-boosting perks to maintain balance. But with the opportunity for +45% armor penetration in Power Armor, it could be the heavy gunner build's melee weapon of choice!


  • Make it so it can actually receive legendary effects instead of being a dud in the loot pool!

  • Buff base damage to the 22-25 range. With maximum "Gladiator" and "Bloody Mess" perks it could get up to the mid 40's, before other buffs are taken into account.

  • Additional strengths would include having lowest weight, and its armor piercing attachment. However it's weakness would be having the shortest range in class to hit enemies.

  • Fun bonus idea: Allow it to fix broken structural items only (walls/floors/roofs) in your C.A.M.P. at no material cost!


  • The closest one to being usable at the moment but still needs a slight damage buff, perhaps into the 18-22 range. Currently with no perks and 15 strength, it's base damage is 14 by default and with the Electrified mod.

  • With max "Slugger" and "Bloody Mess" perks, this would give it very solid ballistic and energy damage when modded, along with the advantage of having the longest range in class. Only downside currently is it's weight, which is 2nd heaviest behind the Chainsaw. A slightly reduced movement speed (but still faster than the Chainsaw) could also serve as a trade-off for it's well-rounded damage and excellent range.


  • Buff base damage slightly to the 12-16 range, not quite as high as the others, but give it a special effect that completely ignores enemy DR like in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

  • Alternative approach: give it a special effect so it inflicts massive bleed damage (like, a very noticeable amount).

  • Either of these proposed special effects would give it a unique benefit to make-up for having the lowest base damage among the 4 weapons. It would also have limited range, only slightly longer than the Drill (if possible).



With these changes/improvements, the Mr Handy Buzz Blade would be the most well-rounded weapon in class with the least amount of gimmicks. I think this would be fine as the most "accessible" very-fast weapon for players, which is how it is today. The key is that there would still be incentives to use the other ones as well–whereas currently, there are none.

The Chainsaw would offer the best damage output and (potentially) the unique option to try a highly specialized build or play-style. It's weight and restrictions on movement speed would make it a cumbersome, but highly dangerous, weapon to have in your arsenal.

The Drill would offer respectable damage, while being light and compact enough to keep on you as a back-up melee weapon for those pesky ankle-biting creatures. Making it a utility tool for C.A.M.P. and workshop repairs would also give players a reason to keep one in their inventory.

The Ripper would be the weakest of the group… on paper. It's strength would be in tearing through heavily armored foes OR inflicting tons of bleed damage on high-health enemies (depending on which special effect it might theoretically have). Either approach would help it actually live up to it's name.


Any comments, feedback, or suggestions are welcome. I don't pretend to have all the answers. Maybe my ideas have glaring flaws that I'm overlooking. If so, please tell me!

At the end of the day, I'm just a guy who enjoys good discussions about game balance and wants to see these interesting but unloved weapons have a place in the game. Thanks for reading!

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