The Way of the Green Thumb.

fallout 7 - The Way of the Green Thumb.

Avaidible at level 4 – seemingly innocuous – the green thumb perk card is the most powerful card in the game at destroying the most dreaded and feared enemy of all. Tedium. goes well with https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/bw7njb/the_way_of_the_vamp_laser_gat/

Yeilds 2 plants per pick that's right 2 plants per pick and I know you're like What ? big deal ? who cares? 2 plants ?

HEAL HEAL HEAL you can pick blue flowers and red flowers and make healing salve. Start at vault 76 pick all blue flowers to the moonshiner shack the Lumbermill then supervisors camp then follow the river picking all Bloodleaf all the way down to Hillfolk Hotdogs you will have enough for approximately 50 heal salves which is enough to healtank a scorchbeast at level 15 with some left over. combine that with chemist and you get a whopping 100 add super duper 130! healing salve is a very ,very useful low and mid level heal agent doesn't cause thirst and no animation. love it learn it use it . do it now!!

MONEY MONEY MONEY if you already have tons of healing supplies and would prefer caps don't make healsalve pick everything you find between vault 76 to Hillfolk Hotdogs MAKE a left turn to the South and follow the road to Billings Homestead. you got a huge crop of corn and a huge crop of razorgrain there. All combined you'll net 600 ish crops to sell in plants alone not counting anything else you picked up along the way. this is really great for the level 5 to 15 ish range when everything eats you and fighting isn't always the best option for efficiency.


EAT EAT EAT AND NEVER COOK AGAIN watermelons (just called melons in game) That's right watermelons why ? cause water AND food that's why. No boiling of water no lumberjacking for cooking the food or boiling the damn water no skinning of things for meat! Get yourself the HERBIVORE mutation to remove disease chance! go pick yourself about 20 water melons and on a standard digestive tract by the time you run low they will juuuuust about be ready to spoil. rinse REPEAT. Easy food and water in only 1 click per meal. take all that extra water and food out of the inventory sell that crap! pitch it! give it to the homeless! YOU sir have WATERMELON and you are UNSTOPPABLE.

One card to rule them all with this card you can make easy safe money, never run out of meds, and never ever cook again. god bless thank you for reading and tread lightly down the path of the green thumb.

master one tiny monkey posted that you can juice the melons before they spoil for the equivilent of a healing salve.

rrshredthegnar added that he uses it with hardbargain and sells tatos for 2 c per.

Agent cero uses it for flux farming , making berry mentats and dilbert sunshine.

that you for the extra tips!

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