The Weapon Balance Is Lackluster

fallout 6 - The Weapon Balance Is Lackluster

Aside from the perks that don't work correctly, I've noticed that the weapon balance is really odd. I'm sure there will be a lot of people thinking "let them focus on the major fixes first," but these are easily addressable. It's also boring to only see people wanting the Handmade.

First of all, the magazine sizes make no sense. Handmade Rifle gets 85 max. Combat Rifle, Radium Rifle, and correct me if I'm wrong but the Assault Rifle also gets 25. Pipe Rifle gets 12. So from Fallout 4, the Handmade got a buff and everything else got nerfed?

The recoil is also silly. Even with the Two Shot prefix, the Handmade is very manageable while the Radium and Combat Rifle are bounce city. I have every mod unlocked for each of them. I've tried using everything with 'Superior Recoil.' Eh.

The damage on the Submachine Gun and 10mm Submachine Gun are very low. The Light Machine Gun is incredibly low for the ammo.

The Missile Launcher and even Fat Man aren't really worth bringing to the Queen. A gauntlet is better.

The .44 should be more powerful and the Western Revolver should be double action.

Certain Legendary effects shouldn't be possible on certain weapons. Also, it'd be nice to have some more interesting effects.


There aren't any Legendary Hunting Rifles or Pipe Revolvers. Sad.

The Lever Action's sight is ugly.

Suppresors should cut down the range even more, but give every weapon a base range buff.

Non-hitscan weapons (Railway, Harpoon, Plasma) are almost unusable in most servers. Also, the Railway Rifle doesn't benefit from any perks that I've seen. Despite having Rifle in its name.

.50 Caliber receiver should make the Hunting Rifle significantly bigger and obviously more powerful.

The Gauss Rifle is glitchy against Scorchbeasts. And it often gets stuck charging but unable to fire. Have to open the Pip-Boy to escape that nightmare.

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No weapon weight reduction perks for rifles. No Armor piercing for Pistols.

This isn't a call to nerf the Handmade, it's just me being sad that there's such a discrepancy between weapons. And it want to use other weapons without having to rely on them having excellent Legendary effects.

Edit: Oh yeah and a lot of automatic weapons still occasionally suffer from the endless sound bug from Fallout 3 and 4.

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