The woes of max caps LOL

fallout 2 - The woes of max caps LOL

I'm at max caps so I'm wandering Appalachia looking for some good stuff to buy from player vendors. I run into this one camp and low and behold they have a plan I have been on the lookout for, for ages! It's 5,000 caps which is fine by me because I'm at max caps almost every day. I buy the plan and go into my Pip Boy and learn it. You would think that's it, right? Nope.

Within 2 minutes I get a message from the camp owner asking if I have a mic. I turn it on and ask what's up. I'm greeted by a young kid that says "Why you bought my plan dude?" Because it was for sale in your vendor and I've been looking for it for some time. Why? His response? "I didn't want to sell it because I was at max caps so I didn't get paid. You need to sell it back to me or something." Man, how old are you? I already learned it so I can't sell it back. Sorry. "I'm 14 and you're gonna sell that plan back to me or else!"

That's when the fun started. He called his daddy who proceeded to raise 16 kinds of hell with me because I "cheated" his kid out of money. "If you don't give it back I'm gonna tell my kid to report you and you'll be banned!" Really? So I calmly told him to watch his kid's screen and proceeded to buy EVERYTHING the kid had, down to my last cap. As I'm spamming the button to buy all this shit the kid is having a genuine psychological breakdown, screaming "Noooooo!!" and crying his little enabled heart out.

I left, dumped most of the useless shit in a river, deployed my tent and stowed the rest of it. The kid is now blowing me up with nasty messages. So I headed to a silo, made sure the camp was still there, and launched. You would think a 14 year old would be smart enough to log off the server at that point. Nope. Rage tends to blind us I guess. I headed back to his camp, waived at him with the hello emote, and watched with glee as the nuke devastated his camp, killing both of us in the process. It tasted so good!

He sent me a final parting message…"reported ass hole". I resemble that remark. 😁

Edit: Wow people. Thank you for the upvotes and awards. I tried to thank everyone personally that sent one.


For those of you commenting that I'm to blame, that I'm some kind of bully, let's set the record straight. No matter how you try and twist the assailant into the victim it's not gonna fly. I've been on since BETA day #1. I know what kind of community 95% of FO76 gamers are. I've always tried to help and pay it forward. In fact, this is the very first time I've gone to this extreme. And I'd do it again but only in extreme circumstances like this.

If the kid would have asked nicely and I wouldn't have learned the plan, I probably would have dropped it for him for free. Or may be let him spend some caps and buy a .50 round for 5,000 caps to help him out. That's the type of person I am.

But what happened once we went to voice? I was pleasant, he was ok, I was pleasant again, then Mr. Entitled SPOILED brat child threw a fit including the "or else" line. At that point I could have walked away, yes. But what happened? He had to go get daddy involved. And what does daddy do? Make more threats. I guess we know where the kid gets it from. I'm sure his daddy uses the same hateful, racist, disgusting words around that kid as that kid threw at me over voice and text. And what the hell is a 14 year old doing playing a game rated M anyway?

You think to nuke went to far? He got the audible warning like everyone else. He got the text warning on screen like everyone else. The big red circle was on his map just like it was for everyone else. He could have bounced. He didn't. His decision. No, it wasn't going to far. If I would have reported him for the messages even though the issue was done? That in my opinion would have gone to far. But I didn't report him and he hasn't messaged me since. As far as I'm concerned it's a dead issue.

Excusing bad behavior or refusing to point it out, that's called enabling. And that's just what you're doing. With his attitude it was only a matter of time until someone smacked his ass. He should be thankful it happened in the virtual world instead of the real one.

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