Theory: Mole miners are kids

fallout 5 - Theory: Mole miners are kids

Chances are by thid time in the game's release you've happened upon the disfigured fleshy mole miners and dispatched your fair share, but i have a theory that might make you want to think twice before pulling the trigger on them.

You see, i believe that the mole liners are child workers who was in the mines when the bombs dropped and somehow survived as this new grotesque thing.

My first clue was that there's a suprisingly big ammount of mole miners who drop various toys upon dying, and on top of that you can hear some of them call out for their mothers.


The kids might have been down there and working when the bombs dropped, and maybe the heat from the blasts made it in to the tunnel, fusing their duits with their skins. Years of surviving underground could have changed them, and since we know that player characters can mutate in to marsupials, there's a decent chance that the same thing happened to the kids who was probably forced to eat the only things they could find underground, mole rats.

Now you might say that the mole miners don't look child sized bur they aren't exactly adilt sized either and you gotta remember, by the time we leave the vault it has been 25 years which would be plenty of time for our mole kids to turn in to mole men.

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