There Are 346,410 Different Legendary Drops

fallout 8 - There Are 346,410 Different Legendary Drops

First up I want to apologise if I get anything wrong here, either on the numbers side or on the Reddit side (I've been off of the site for a while). If I do then let me know and I'll change whatever needs to be changed.

*EDIT: These numbers don't factor in the odd specific exception to legendary modifiers (Explosive on Missile Launchers) and also don't account for Energy Weapons no longer being able to gain the explosive effect (I had kept that one in as I wasn't sure if the change was permanent or not). I plan to re-run the numbers tomorrow to get a more specific estimate however the number is unlikely to drop below 300,000 even once amended.*

So I was running the numbers on Legendary drops in Fallout 76. I wanted to work out how many different legendaries could drop from a 3 star enemy and the result I got was 346,410. I came to this number by counting up how many different items there would that could spawn with legendary effects (44 melee/unarmed, 50 ranged & 102 armor) and then factoring in Prefix, Major and Minor modifiers.

I'm going to show my working here so that anyone can take a look and let me know if I've messed up in any way and to also show I'm not just pulling numbers entirely out of thin air:


19 Prefix Modifiers, 4 Major Modifiers, 6 Minor Modifiers. 44 Weapons.

19 + (4×19) + (6x(4×19)) = 551

551 x 44 = 24,244

Ranged Weapons:

23 Prefix Modifiers, 7 Major Modifiers, 9 Minor Modifiers. 50 Weapons.

23 + (7×23) + (9x(7×23)) = 1,633

1,633 x 50 = 81,650



18 Prefix Modifiers, 10 Major Modifiers, 12 Minor Modifiers. 102 Armor Pieces.

18 + (10×18) + (12x(10×18)) = 2,358

2,358 x 102 = 240,516

24,244 + 81,650 + 240,516 = 346,410

Essentially what I'm trying to show here is that, if each legendary has the same chance of spawning and it's all completely random, then there is a ridiculously large potential loot pool from 3 star enemies (or events that can reward 1, 2 or 3 star legendaries). If each drop has the exact same chance of happening then each legendary item has a 0.000003% chance of dropping, meaning if you're after a specific legendary it's a bit of a nightmare to actually obtain it as you're left just praying to the gods of RNG.

I'm not sure how clear all my working is for everyone so do comment and let me know if there's anything I need to clear up. I also have made a video talking about this whole subject (including all the fun numbers) which I'll link here:

I hope this information is helpful to somebody out there and, like I said at the start, if I've made any errors here do let me know. Nobody wants these numbers to be wrong more than I do.

Thanks for reading this regardless. I look forward to spending more time on this Subreddit.

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