They Got Me 5 Months Later

fallout 8 - They Got Me 5 Months Later

They Got Me 5 Months Later (In my TOP 10 Moment for me and fo76)

Shot Story:
My CAMP got nuked 2 times by a group of 4 people whose CAMPs I nuked back in May in Survival. Had a great conversation with there leader. I consider him a great guy. I am proud that they got me back. Thank you for the good memories.

Long Story:
So I am in the Wastelands doing bald headed hood rat stuff enjoying my day. I get messaged by a person to help them in the Burrows. We are off to have an adventure. As we are cleaning up the Burrows and finishing up that quest a Nuke is being dropped. I look and see that the nuke is being dropped on my CAMP location. I take it as a normal thing. Maybe they did not like my prices or the nuke dropper knew something about the Gallery I did not know.

I try to log out before it drops thinking when I log back in everything will be ok. Well it was not and my base was destroyed. I am a basic white girl on building at the end of the day. The cost of rebuilding was minimum. Only supply I was missing was concrete to fix a door.

Well I go explore the Gallery thinking something cool would happen inside. The best that happen was the Scorched had Glowing Meat and Glowing Blood. Also the trees inside act as if they are affected by a nuke. The whole swaying back and forth thing happens inside.

While inside the Gallery another Nuke is being dropped and I see that the nuke is being dropped on my CAMP again. So now I look through recent played and see a name I blocked. I think oh I must have made them mad or they made me mad. Just trolling to troll.

So this time I bounce to a new server. New Server New bald headed hood rat stuff to go do.

As I am out doing my thing someone buys TP from my base. I do what I always do and message the person Thank You. Below is how the message goes.

· Me: 😅thanks 😅

· Me: Its two ply 👍

· Red: Do you remember now?

· Me: Remember what?

· Me: Do I know you 🤔

· Red: There was a reason you got nuked

· Red: Did the 2nd get ya

· Me: Why? 🤔 I dont pvp So I dont know you for real Did I troll a FB post?

· Red: Worse


· Me: Im not really sure who you are or what I did

· Me: So I do right by you What did to do

· Red: Not my fault you cant remember

· Me: Ok Well I am sorry I hope you let me Make it up to you

· Red: How?

· Me: Well tell me what I did 😊

· Me: That would be nice 👌

· Red: Did the second nuke get you or you get out in timee

· Me: 😅im not telling 😏 girl never kisses and tells 😘

· Red: 😒

· Red: Just know you're an enemy of Team Rocket

· Me: 🤔 thank sound familiar 😉 Better fo76 Xbox Group? 🤔 am i thinking of someone else?

· Red: No you're right

· Red: You nuked 4 of our bases

· Me: Sorry 🥰 I did not 😑 You have the wrong person 🤨

· Red: Ohhh no

· Red: 5/25/19

So when he gives the date. It clicks and I remember.

· Me: On survival?

· Me: I just remembered i think 👍

· Me: Moutain bases right 😅

· Red: Yupp

· Me: Ok well GG 👍 Yeah it was damaged 1 one 😂 I left one the second 1 🤣

· Me: I thought you were just trolling me 👍 I think I nuke that area because I was doing a nuke run on the Burrow 😄 then someone shot me in the back 😢 they fast traveled near yalls base 😅

· Me: Sorry but again well played 👍

We talk a little more. I ask if we can take a group picture. I am again very super impressed with how this all went down. The grudge. The pay back. There is a possibility that the guy who I did the Burrow quest was a friend of theirs. Just all in all very happy memory for me. Makes me missing survival as it was when it was 1st starting out. For me this was just a good time in the community.

I just want to say if you read the long story, know and understand that this made my day. Made me enjoy the game a little more. Again Red and Team Rocket if you’re out there. Ever need anything let me know, I will try my best. GG guys GG.

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