Things I Liked, Loved and Hated about Fallout 4

fallout 4 - Things I Liked, Loved and Hated about Fallout 4

As an avid Fallout fan, when I think back to Fallout 4, I think of it as the child of the family that does the Fortnite Floss during Thanksgiving Dinner. As much of a let down it was, I am not here to dog on it, as easy as it is, but rather to discuss what I liked and disliked of certain lore/story aspects.

Disliked Under utilized areas: Upon learning that the setting was in Boston and the surrounding area, my mind instantly imploded with ideas of interesting areas. Salem was an area that I had planned on visiting first. I imagined something like a radiated cult of witches, or a community of zealots believing that effects of radiation were a form of magic. Instead, we get a single church interior and a "Kill Mirelurks for sniper rifle" quest. Not to mention exploring Boston is, in my opinion, underwhelming.

Liked Brotherhood of Steel representation: The Fallout 4 Brotherhood was by no means the best representation of the franchise, (see New Vegas for that), but I found their very xenophobic views on pretty much everyone a relief. They felt extremely intimidating their aesthetic was very pleasing.


Hated Institute representation: Easily my biggest disappointment was the Institute. I played an unhealthy amount of FO3/NV and having synths and the Institute mentioned several times, I had some built up hype on the illusive-Institute. Discovering that you had to teleport to and from, my disappointment had reached it's fullest capacity. I fully embrace wacky retro-future sci-fi with Fallout, but>! teleportation!< is where I draw the line. I know that NV had>! teleportation!< to BM, but the entire theme of that DLC was zany and over the top. Not to mention when you get there, the heavenly white colors, space-age tech, clothing, weaponry and the overall vibe was far too much for me. I expected high tech, but something about all of it was an extreme let down for me personally.

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Loved Throwbacks to classic styles: Possibly my favorite aspect of Fallout 4 was the design changes back to classic Fallout games. The Vault suits reverting back to the tight, sci-fi look rather than the baggy jumpsuits from FO3/NV. The Nuka-Cola bottles going back to a rocket design as well as architecture of buildings. I remember arriving in Lexington for the first time and stopping upon first glance: "Wow, this looks like something from Fallout 2." I was very impressed and pleased with this.

Do you agree or disagree with any points? Also, what are some things you loved and hated?

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