Things I wish I knew early game

fallout 1 - Things I wish I knew early game

Hi, I am currently Level 20 on my first playthrough and yet to reach Diamond City. There are some things that I wish I knew at the start which would have saved me a lot of time. The game really doesn't explain these things well. Hopefully this will help anyone new to the game.

  1. Every time you level up, you can add a point to a Perk or your Special, so no need to agonise over SPECIAL allocations at the start of the game like the earlier games. You won't be perma-locked out of any Perks due to your choices during character creation.
  2. You can craft some valuable materials eg., adhesive from vegetable starch by planting corn and mutfruit, oil from cutting fluid by collecting teeth, bones, coolant, etc.
  3. Automatic weapons are nerfed to hell in this game. The exact same gun converted to auto will do a lot less damage per round, sometimes only 1/4 of the damage depending on what perks you have. Fully modded, fast semi-automatic pistols and rifles are great.
  4. Damage resistance is very different to FNV's Damage Threshold, and works in a counter-intuitive way. The percentage damage reduced correlates to the damage itself. eg., if an enemy weapon deals 10 damage, doubling your damage resistance from 50 to 100 only reduces damage taken from 2.8 to 2.2, basically no noticeable effect. At 100 enemy weapon damage, going from 50 to 100 DR reduces damage from 64 to 50, which is noticeable. The higher the damage, the more noticeable increasing damage resistance is.
  5. For settlements, everyone knows that Defence > Food+Water but also make sure your workshop doesn't have a massive store of food/water as that will attract raiders.
  6. I give my settlers all the raider armor and guns I loot.
  7. For things like lights and appliances, and anything that requires but does not consume electricity, just hooking up a wire from a generator to a conduit on a wall/roof of the same building they are in is enough. Then they magically turn on as if by some electrical field. You don't actually need to try to make a conduit for a wire to hook directly to the light/appliance like with things that consume electricity. I wasted a frustrating 30 mins before I figured this out.
  8. The Vault-Tec settlement management terminal is great for managing settler employment.
  9. Raiders can sometimes spawn INSIDE settlements so don't spend hours and 1000's of steel/wood on trying to encircle all your settlements with an airtight fence. Make sure there are some turrets facing in as well as out of settlements.
  10. Dogmeat can wear welding goggles and all bandanas, in addition to dog muzzles, collars and dog armor that you sometimes get from raider dogs! Pity it doesn't raise his stats. Codsworth can wear a bowler hat.

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