Things I’d like to see in a new Fallout – thoughts?

fallout 1 - Things I'd like to see in a new Fallout - thoughts?

Main things I would like (I consider the first five pretty much "must haves", whereas the others are just bonuses to me) :

-Give us genuine options with the dialogue, and a script extender as standard would be nice.

-Dramatically reduce armour thresholds and increase the damage slightly. This means that neither you or the enemy are bullet sponges. Also making ammo much rarer would give a better survival-horror aspect as you would have to focus on resource management and fight hand to hand early on (which would now have far more weight due to the aforementioned armour threshold decrease and damage increase).

-Reduce the SPECIAL points available (or allow you to pick how many at the beginning) and bring back traits with negative consequences, and maybe even make the consequences more severe. F1/2/NV style traits were so much more interesting with the drawbacks, combined with less SPECIAL that made RPing better imo and if done harshly may well reduce the mid to late game OP character flaw in all Bethseda games, as well as making for a better RPing experience.

-Have a "glowing sea style map. Marshy ground, radiation fog (and storms), toxic puddles/lakes, partially wrecked buildings, extremely high radiation, burrowing rad scorpions, etc… I feel like the glowing sea was the only part of the modern Fallout series that got near to F3 (and beat it imo) in terms of atmosphere. 99% of F4's map is far too bright and happy to be convincingly apocalyptic for me and it really kills the immersion

-I'd appreciate a lot more skills checks of various natures to get some reward for actually RPing and specialising my character


-Give us an option at the beginning to get rid of quest markers and fast travel. They both stop players from playing the game by rocketing straight from A to B and let's them actually explore and enjoy the open world game. Also the lack of quest markers will force the player to actually think and work out what the next steps should be instead of just blindly following orders to follow the trail of breadcrumbs.

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-Put new creatures in, variety is nice (Weapon variety would certainly be nice too, but not as important imo)

-Have factions, but make sure that you have a decent amount of quests separate from them. I found that NV quest moral decisions were basically which faction I wanted to side with, and once I decided to follow a particular faction then there was no point in going against them for any other quest.

-Have a raider faction. Maybe a loosely connected network of Fallout 3 Pitt style raider cities which have distinct styles. Partly because I genuinely think a raider faction would be cool but partly because I loved the Pitt and hate that it was so short.

-Rework the hardcore mode which in F:NV was basically just tacking pointless and annoying busybody work onto the game to make it "hardcore". Make is JSwayer style whereby things tick up more slowly (so it's not as annoying), but has a much harsher penalty to make sure it actually seriously matters.


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