Things that need to be fixed before Open PVP in the new Survival Mode

fallout 3 - Things that need to be fixed before Open PVP in the new Survival Mode

For survival to be fun, a few things need to be adjusted, otherwise it will be highly likely to be dead upon release. Let´s be clear, Survival is primarily interesting for people that want to PVP and those people that want to PVP, including myself, are way less clueless to the related game mechanics than the average Fallout 76 player. That makes it very likely, that most fights will consist of people using Fallout 76 combat to the limit, that being the negative limit. Let´s take a look:

  1. Healing in combat:

A simple one, already now people counter heal massive amounts of damage, with the added risk of dropping your Stimpacks upon death, there is no reason not to, since not healing leads to being killed and healing sure takes up Stimpacks, but since you will drop them upon death anyway, you might as well make use of them. That alone is a minor problem, but heal spam makes it a major one. Ever since (the very much needed) Explo and Two Shot Nerf heal spam can now consistently outmatch the weapon damage dealt by a single player. Since we previously established that survival makes it very likely for open PVP to be fought by people that will spam Stimpacks, those fights will be a pointless waste of Stimpacks, which are widely available, a waste of ammo and weapon condition, with weapons breaking before even getting a kill. None of this is helping to make survival mode the very much needed success, which this game needs to create long term motivation by providing a hardcore survival PVP setting, which can be great.

How would I fix it? Prevent heal spam by putting Stimpacks on a cooldown in survival mode, or even in Fallout 76 in general, as this problem also applies to regular PVP right now. Prevent the activation of another Stimpack as long as a Stimpack is still providing heal. This has a few advantages and one disadvantage. It will fix heal spam and it will also make Auto Stim perks / effects and team heals more viable and interesting, as these will provide a stacked heal. At the same time, heal can no longer be stacked to outmatch weapon damage, making fights less pointless, which is the desired effect. A disadvantage is that you can no longer heal spam in PVE, which I think is completely fine I think, again, this puts more emphasis on perks actually focused on healing. I think one heal per person at a time is perfect, both for PVP and PVE, especially with perks potentially providing just a little bit more healing capability.

  1. Melee:

This is a more difficult problem to fix, but melee is obviously unbalanced, if pretty much everyone considers it the single best option to deal damage. At the same time melee should be strong, as it requires you to get close and as such needs to be somewhat decent, risk reward is the key here. Melee and VATS combined are the easiest thing to use, takes up no ammo, deals the most damage and has little risk due to counter healing. Now implying heal spam was fixed, there still needs to be some work done here, but I am not advocate of nerfing damage output blatantly. Instead I would buff the Blocker perk slightly and see how that goes, preferably still keeping melee strong, but giving other playstyles some viability as well and then see how the PVP Meta develops from there. Adding another +5% to each rank of blocker might do the trick, without having unintended consequences.

As a side note, which is however REALLY important to mention, there is some sort of glitch/exploit around currently, which allows people to extremely boost melee damage. I have been 1 hit killed (despite being fairly tanky, blocker and dodgy) multiple times, even seen people get 1 hit killed while not in a fight. This sort of thing needs to go before the release of survival and for the health of Fallout 76 in general.

  1. Legendary chameleon armor:

I have the feeling this will be broken in open PVP, with way too many people camping at various spots invisibly to ambush other players.

There are no counters to this.

The person can sit there forever.

How would I fix it? I think the legendary armor perk should drain your AP in the same way the power armor mod already does. That way somebody needs to move from time to time or at least get up to regenerate some AP. In order to be in line with risk/reward I would keep the chameleon mutation as the only way to be permanently invisible. I would also add a counter to all things invis, by buffing the orbital scan, which should highlight invisible players, making a useless item finally useful.

  1. Legendary sentinel killer armor sets:

If you ever encountered these, you know it is fairly close to godmode, as long as the person does not move, getting a kill against them is practically impossible and that´s not balanced at all. The damage reduction provided by sentinel and killer is actually a pretty interesting mechanic and something worth grinding for, which is once again a reason it should not be nerfed to death. But again, the person can sit there forever. So my solution is that the sentinel effect should also drain AP upon standing still, just like the chameleon before. That way, you can still be highly tanky and have the enjoyment of being pretty much unkillable for a while, but only for a short period of time rather than forever.

That´s my feedback, what do you think and what would you add?

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