thinking of doing a flamer heavy build sorta theorycrafting it atm: looking for input

fallout 1 - thinking of doing a flamer heavy build sorta theorycrafting it atm: looking for input

figure high strength for heavy weapons in general and power armor

kinda like the idea of maybe high agi for action boy and moving target (and more AP in general) and potentially even blitz with a secondary melee weapon or gun fu (depending how much AP the flamer uses in vats – if i've gathered a crowd one shot per foe could be useful)

and luck – apparently additional flamer hits in VATS scales up the crit building so figured critical banker and the like might be useful

and the rest in int (aside for 2 perception so with the bobblehead i got lockpicking) – potential high end modding the power armor and weaponry as well as robotic allies for more ballistic weapons given the flamer's kinda a low end energy one

also potentially chems for stuff like jet to close the distance and spray a room full of foes without them getting dozens of shots off at me while trying or jetfuel to amp ap gains for sort of more dungeon crawling with lots of little spots with several foes or overdrive for a nice damage boost potential for the flamer (14 hits being crits and hitting frequently with some decent crit damage boosts will be really good)

also wondering what kind of flamer to aim for endgame legendary wise

straight off the bat – wounding would be broken good for a weapon like this but i kinda don't want that – staggering would similarly stunlock whatever i'm shooting at so: eh

it's got really low base damage so even the 'additional' damage abilities like 'freezing' are potentially useful – especially that one since i could trigger a crit to stunlock them for a few seconds if they're a particularly beefy or dangerous foe so it's got utility as well as added damage (which is why i like it the best out of the 'basic added damage' legendary traits – that and i like ice thematically) – especially given the potential crit focus of this particular setup it might be the best option (hell a stronger foe i could keep potentially constantly frozen with that 25% crit chem if the effect triggers on those kinds of crits too)

two shot would honestly be similar damage with this kind of weapon – but the increased recoil could be an issue like it is with a lot of the fast fire rate weapons – and this one's very fast: it's also better on this weapon than some others for potential damage given you can't mod it to have way higher base damage via mods but still it's not as glorious as fucking everyone and their mother seem to want it to be – it all depends on the weapons and the build


furious might be a good compromise to wounding maybe – since it's scaling the damage up on consecutive hits would help against heavier armored foes without being so broken that i can basically just 'tag' most foes with a second or two of fire and kill them – it'd allow me to still kill something like a fog crawler with the flamer 'eventually' like wounding would without requiring like a thousand shots – on the other hand i'm not too certain how well a potentially lower offense weapon like this could work with high end defense foes so i'd like some input for that too

also what about other perks – i can't recall but is there stuff that might globally decrease energy resistances – i know some more general stuff (ballistic based upgrades won't work for this build but the tesla magazines get extra juicy) but given i'm more used to 'sneak' style setups figure most of the allies i'd normally get perks from are out – and just that in general really

given i'm in power armor i could potentially do some of that far harbor lower health and or irradiated related stuff – high end defenses will help with my survivability even if i'm staying below like 50% health semi permanently (might need to invest some in end before this is getting used given i've got lower health with the starting SPECIAL spread – 2-3 for life giver and chem resist should work well)

and sadly none of the nuka world packs really help with this build – even normally i'd be either sneak with silenced weapons or a melee unit

kinda curious if there's more heavy weapon perks or energy weapon perks or sort of 'not aiming' perks i might not know about that could help out this build

hell isn't there a power armor setup that can help boost energy damage too – and maybe deal AOE energy damage to foes at close range

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