This game “feels” like Bethesda’s older titles

fallout 5 - This game "feels" like Bethesda's older titles

Now don't get me wrong I really have enjoyed every moment with Skyrim and Fallout 4 but those games lost a lot from their predecessors (Fallout 3/NV and Oblivion) from docking skills to the removal of mechanics like the condition system. FO4 and Skyrim, I also felt took hits in the lore and writing department, they lost a lot of the wonder of just wanting to explore and experience the world as they kind of push you along a certain track.

Fallout 4's dialogue system really ruined much of my re-playability, I felt I couldn't be a different character every time, I had the voice of "Nate" and this turned me off from replaying the game after TWO times. Skyrim also just decided to proclaim you the hero of humanity, this again though was not as detrimental to me as the voice system from Fallout 4 (I have so many fu*kin hours in Skyrim)


But then here we have Fallout 76, I feel that Bethesda has "upped the ante" with this game. We are again nobodies, just like we were in Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout NV. We have the ability to once again play as who we want. The world they have made is honestly the best I have seen from Bethesda and the amount of lore and stories we are able is find is incredible. Not to mention it is a pseudo survival and weapon condition has been added back in. This game has a quite a level of depth that we haven't seen since Morrowind or New Vegas.

I wish more people could come to appreciate that this is not another dumbed down railroaded Bethesda RPG, this is a Bethesda game that takes us back to the roots and I hope many people start playing it on the 14th, find this out, and really enjoy it.


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