This game has taught me one truth — Bethesda knows WHY we play their games, but clearly has no idea HOW we play their games.

fallout 6 - This game has taught me one truth -- Bethesda knows WHY we play their games, but clearly has no idea HOW we play their games.

This game has made it abundantly clear that Bethesda expects us to cater to the way they want us to play, rather than catering to the way we want to play. I'm not even talking about the laundry list of bugs, exploits, and issues — I'm talking about features that are missing and seem like they should be an obvious part of the game.

This game is built entirely around looting everything, yet you can only loot a handful of things before you're overencumbered. This is because Bethesda doesn't want their players to "hoard" items, even though that's exactly how their players have played their games since Morrowind (or earlier).

They expect you to pick things up "on the go" in some half-assed attempt to promote exploration, rather than keeping a nice & ample supply of resources to use when needed. This not only includes crafting components, but also things like Aid items and Ammo.

The rate at which you learn new mods from breaking down weapons / armor is ridiculous. The fact that you can't see all available mods before unlocking them is ridiculous. The fact that I can only carry two 17-lb Hunting Rifles before being overencumbered is ridiculous. The fact that there are roughly 50 unlockable mods for most gear, yet I only unlock one at a time is ridiculous.

Let's talk Perks. The fact that 60% of the Perks involve Carry Weight, Food & Drink efficacy, and "Spoil" time says a lot. You are selecting Perks that make the game playable to a level that you expect; you're leveling up to hit a baseline game experience, rather than increasing in overall power and utility. You can only pick 1, maybe 2 "weapon types" because the rest of your Perks need to be devoted to Carry Weight, Hunger & Thirst, and stopping your food from spoiling 15 minutes after you pick it up.

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The fact that they put such limitations on the CAMP system is ridiculous. You really mean to tell me no devs pitched the idea of player merchants? Nobody considered the idea of powered refrigerators / milk machines / Nuka-Cola machines to indefinitely store our food and drink? They thought it'd be more than enough for us to keep stock of all our character needs with a 400lb STASH? And then they had the balls to make rifles weigh 17 pounds, and Power Armor pieces individually weigh more than the chassis you're attaching them to?

It shows they have no idea that people who play their games more than often play as "collectors" I understand I don't need a full set of every type of Power Armor, but I still want to collect them. I would like to collect one of every weapon, regardless of whether or not it's effective at my current level. I want to collect every piece of armor / clothing. I want to collect a piece of every wonderfully interesting thing that this game has to offer; but I can't, because that's not how Bethesda wants us to play.

And let's talk modding. Not modding for this game, but mods in the past. The fact that most of the mods for Bethesda games are either bug fixes or QoL improvements says a lot. The fact that Bethesda has never once tried to incorporate the concepts of those mods as stock features of their future titles says even more (Lowered Weapons is the best example I can think of).

Bethesda is completely blind and deaf to the voice of their playerbase, and this game has truly proven it. They don't want to make a game for us to play our way; they want us to play their game their way (because then it's easier for them to control). This is why their communication has been so poor. For once, they now have an online game where their players are encouraged to form communities and share ideas to provide feedback.

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And Bethesda's reception of that feedback has been deafeningly quiet. They truly just do not care or understand what we want in a Bethesda game, or how we play them in the first place. All they seem to care is that we buy it.

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