This game is AMAZING. My take on why.

fallout 5 - This game is AMAZING. My take on why.

Once again I greet all of you wastelanders out there!

As some of you might've read from previous stories I posted, I played no other game than Fallout 76 in the last three weeks. I got to the final quest yesterday and I'll start nuking very shortly (probably at the weekend, when my friends caught up).

What did I accomplish in these three weeks?

  • I managed to reach level 103. I went into double EXP with level 50 and got out on 100. Don't worry though, I still manage to have a great game/life balance.
  • I made a build for shotguns. I don't know what the popular opinion on these is, but I really like 'em. Easy to handle and repair. Also the ammo is quite easy to get. I don't know the exact names for each legendary perk in English, since I play the game in German, but I use 2 combat shotguns. One with explosive ammo, the other one with increased and crippling damage – though both of them have 3*. For worst case scenarios I still have a bloodied axe with me. It does its job everytime I need it.
  • I collected 4 endgame PAs. T-51b; Excevator; Ultracite; X-01. I don't use any other armor. PAs are enough for my playstyle.
  • I managed to hit my daily limit of caps everyday since last week by selling purified water.
  • I built a farm with my friends, that new-players – like I was not too long ago – are welcome to visit.
  • I had many memorable adventures with my friends. Very rarely I was on my own. In other games I'd normally be a lone-wolf, but here it really appealed to me to play with others. I can only advice for everyone new to the game to try in a group as well.

But what do I have to say about the game in general? Of course we all know that it has its issues. Can we look past them? No. But are they really game breaking? Well, sometimes. I had two incidents with enemies that attacked me, but could not be killed. And I had 4 or 5 crashes as well. One of them made me miss out on legendary loot.

But why? Why do I have so much fun? What is it with this game that keeps me playing everyday?

The atmosphere.

What can I say? I'm easy to impress. I remember walking around Grafton prison with a friend of mine, while the ingame world was all foggy and dark. We truly felt like we were part of a forsaken post-apocalyptic world. Everything looked so calm, yet so dangerous. Going into this game without knowing anything about it before, kinda gives you a feeling of worry. You never know where danger might await.


My first deathclaw for example: There I was, foolishly running around the streets of Savage Divide. Boom. A deathclaw appearing out of nowhere, ripping my flesh off my body in mere seconds. I knew deathclaws from previous games, but this one really caught me off guard. Leo, a friend of mine, who waited at the end of that particular street, could not stop crying of laughter for good 3 minutes. Then he died through the hands of a supermutant.

It's one thing to get killed by a deathclaw, but a whole different thing if it happens to you as part of a group. My second deathclaw attacked us while three of us were heading to a player camp to buy stuff. It roared, came out of the woods and took out all of us one after another. No one managed to escape. This experience kept us up for the rest of the night.

RAD storms. I love them so much. They remind you of how broken the world is. My first story on this subreddit was about a RAD storm. Running around in a PA, knowing you're at least safe from the radiation, really makes you feel getting more and more adaptive to the world as it is now. Bonus points if a RAD storm f***ed you up at the beginning of the game, like what happened to Sam, another friend of mine.

I also like the enemies of this game. Mutated insects, animals and other creatures that try to kill you. Some of them look normal, while others might frighten you. Funny enough, my first radtoad scared the sh*t out of me. Still not proud of my initial reaction.

Our first mothman encounter. It was watching us from the woods. We didn't know what it was, but after we witnessed how fast it took off, we ran like we never ran before, seeking shelter in a little barn nearby, not leaving for the next 20 minutes.

There are still so many other things I could talk about. But I think these already tell a lot about the perspective I have from this game.

Thanks if you've read through everything I wrote. I would like to read comments about what makes the game special for all of you guys. Wastelanders is coming closer and closer and I'm still having a blast, that I hope will remain or at least to regain once the update dropped.

I see you all out there! Have a fantastic week, you guys!

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