This “grind” is not what i call “home”


Ima outright say it, nothing about this rep and gold grind is what anyone calls fun, or enjoyable. Its not that home feeling and progression fun, its one word

A chore.

Ive played dozens of games BUILT around grinding and when i compare all of them to this, it shows how flawed this idea of grinding you guys gave

Take borderlands, a game thats been alive and popular since 2009. How does grinding work there? For starters lets take limits into account. Do they have cash limits like fallout has caps limit? No, special currency for them is iridum in borderlands 2, is there a cap on iridum like gold? Hell no. And yet, the game is still played to this day with people grinding it out many YEARS LATER. So far multiple grind based games have been alive for YEARS with no limits on currency. In my opinion, get rid of the limits, the game will not die off in a week like you believe because of it and there are dozens of games like this, built on grinding that are still alive years later with no limits.


The rep system for the fallout 76 factions is just a joke and i hate to say it. I learned of a glitch regarding the raider quest “retirement plan” i did this on a new character who after i was done testing i deleted. I could turn in the quest an infinite amount of times each rewarding that dailies exp. in order for me to get from friendly to ally ALONE topped to over 563 times i had to turn that in. Thats a WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF WORTH OF DAILIES! Im sorry but theres no way on god anyone will be doing the same quests for a whole year and a half just to get max rep. Thats not a good grind thats a chore and its boring, add more quests or increase the exp earned by a lot, or decrease the amount needed per level, add more quests and make the ones we have right now repeatable a couple times per day. That way the grind wont take people a year and a half to get max rep but it wont take a day. Do that and i will promise this game will not die off in a week.

Edit for the paragraph above: i am wrong on this info as the exp proc is a dialogue ex addition and not the actual daily exp proc so it is much smaller. My bad and thanks to those who corrected me. The grind isnt no year and a half BUT it still, with dailies and small encounters is excruciatingly long and boring given the lack of actual rep missions and how many it takes to level up in the higher reps.

Limiting everything for the grind will not make the grind more fun, it makes it annoying and unrealistically slow. Remove the limits, fix the reps, and you will stop getting people complaining about this great add on. Cause i love wastelanders but getting this grind is killing it for many people.

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