This is gonna be an unpopular suggestion, but I think the 1-3 star legendary drop system should be changed.

fallout 6 - This is gonna be an unpopular suggestion, but I think the 1-3 star legendary drop system should be changed.

I'm not saying the system is /bad/, but.. and this is gonna be an odd thing to try and bring into a fallout game for sure but, what if /you/ made the weapons unique? We are supposedly the first vault to open (I think?), why not be the first ones to make the guns that tales are told of throughout the wasteland? Here's an example.

You are just starting out your game, your adventure into Appalachia, you don't know much, and you aren't the best at anything, hell, your chances of survival are pretty slim, dismal even.. You go out, find yourself something to defend yourself with, but these things.. never really felt right to use, pipe weapons were good for basic survival but nothing you really fancied, knives and other melee tools were too "personal" for your taste, so you stuck with guns for a little while.. and then you found your first 10 MM pistol, you liked how it shot, felt to shoot, and how much damage it did to the enemies you were facing. Now that you've gotten a few levels in, you upped your stats to a playstyle you like, say for example "stealth shooting". You crouch everywhere you go, take careful aim at the targets you find, and try to be unseen and find the right moment to strike.. using only this gun because you just.. love it and like how it performs. Well say one day you're maintaining it, repairing it and what have you, and you notice something's… different about it, it's a bit darker colored and has a bit of scratches here and there, and you go to investigate it and.. what's that? You've used it in stealth so damn much, that it how this gun performed in those situations became second nature to your character, and now it has increased damage from stealth! But you also notice that it's taken up one of the legendary slots.. and you know that there's 3 slots in total so what else can this gun develop down the line?

But you hit a snag.. the gun is now under leveled for what you are facing! Surely you must get rid of it now right..?

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Wrong! (And this is just a second suggestion they could add) Bethesda added a "Retool" or "Improve" option to your weapons bench! Put a shitton of time into upgrading a gun only to outlevel it? Bump it up to your current level for a portion of the guns crafting cost! Which will be mitigated by your int score!


Wow! Good thing you leveled up your int a bit so it wasn't so expensive right? Makes repairing that old gun alot easier, and it's now great for the area you're in! But you also noticed that the scratches and dings on that gun got more and more pronounced, yeah you've broken that gun many times, and repaired it constantly.. what's that? The second star is filled up! "You've broken this gun so many damn times, it's a wonder how it still functions, improved max durability, and degrades slower." Heck yeah! That'll help with keeping your resources in check so you're not always on the lookout for hecken screws.

And of course, midway through your journey, you hit level 30 or so, and now you're fighting those damned super mutants more and more, you keep getting shot by bullets, energy weapons.. mini nukes.. the whole nine yards, and this gun keeps seeing you through no matter what, though you always found robots to be quite the pain in the ass even though they're not always in your way. Killing them isn't too much of a problem, but you always end up getting shot by them over and over.. so you keep shooting out their energy guns, again and again to try and mitigate the damage they deal to you! And say.. after your 100th gun shot off them, you notice something else about this gun now.. it's as if it's been taking the beating for you too and dealing it back! Each shot you take you notice that it's leaving a bright red flash.. you go to check on it, and wham, it now has energy damage to boot, and only shoots 10mm rounds! Clearly this is something special, something you've never seen before in the wasteland.. and it's all yours, for now at least.. cause while you're happy, you've noticed that it's taken up its third star, and can't be improved anymore (special wise of course) but you can still bring it with you on your journey!

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Then you find a revolver.. and have fallen in love with it, it's strong.. great for headshots, and just has that good "bang" per round, and you find it growing on you more and more as you play.. Yet you take a look at that 10mm in your inventory, and just now notice you can name it, and you name it "Old Reliable".. but you don't want to sell it to some vendor, and instead you hit the drop button, but then a pop up comes! "Instead of simply dropping this gun.. would you like to send it out into the world for someone to find?" Thinking on all the good times you've had with this gun.. how special it was to you, yet you don't need it anymore.. it might do someone else some good.. and so you say yes, and now it's added as a lucky drop for some other adventurer who might need.. "Old Reliable."

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