This is history repeating itself. Fallout 4 = Fallout Tactics Fallout 76 = Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

fallout 5 - This is history repeating itself. Fallout 4 = Fallout Tactics Fallout 76 = Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

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I've been playing Fallout since the original Fallout game. What I'm seeing now reminds me of what came out after Fallout 2 which I still to this day consider the pinnacle of the series in terms of breath and depth of story and game play (along with it's own hilarious broken bugs).

Before Fallout 3 there was another two games (and a bunch of canceled games) Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel both were pretty shit diverging greatly from what made Fallout well Fallout. From all accounts Fallout: BoS was a disaster and lead to the end of Black Isle. Enter Bethesda buying Fallout IP, I was not a huge fan of Fallout 3 in terms of it's watered down interaction (eg. making all super mutants and most ghouls "generic baddies" etc) but I enjoyed it enough anyway.

Fallout New Vegas is the closest thing we will probably ever get to the quality of Fallout 2 in terms of story line and depth of interactions with the world at large. Fallout 4 for me was a decline from Fallout 3 with even more generic interactions adding in obnoxious crap like Preston Garvey I saw it as a massive step backwards in terms of quality compared to Fallout New Vegas.

I must say though the modding community is amazing and are the true torch bearers of continuing what Fallout is, not Bethesda they don't give a shit for releasing this steaming pile. Yeah I bought Fallout 76, yes it is terrible one of the worst Fallout games for sure. Call me sucker but I love this franchise but I'm convinced this will be the death spiral for some time before we see another quality Fallout game of the likes of Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, if ever again.

All the more the fact that Obsidian got bought out by Microsoft that kills any chance of them making another Fallout game. Bethesda must regret allowing them to make Fallout: New Vegas because they seem to be incapable of even getting anywhere close to that pinnacle and whatever they heap out is garbage compared to it. Not saying Fallout New Vegas was perfect, it's not. It's a buggy mess but it least it had the soul of a a franchise, that is now a hollow husk of what it was. I highly recommend those who haven't played it. Grab a cheap copy on steam, mod it up and you will see why Fallout 76 is an insult to the fans of this franchise.

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