This is just something I have been debating about posting for the last 6 months. I finally decided I was going to.

fallout 3 - This is just something I have been debating about posting for the last 6 months. I finally decided I was going to.

I’ve been searching for a good community to talk about this and I believe I found one this is a long post and I wouldn’t blame anybody for not reading it but if you had the time I would greatly appreciate it. Forgive me if this is depressing or brings up memories of lost loved ones. This time last year I was so excited that a new Fallout game was announced, I’ve been a huge fan since Fallout 1 and was very eager to explore a new wasteland with fellow friends or random players. It meant more to me that this time because of all of the possible locations they chose West Virginia. At the same time however, unfortunately I was also helping my grandfather who meant the whole world to me, and was my absolute best friend in the whole world deal with his battle with cancer. I had childhood leukemia and he had prostate cancer and they gave him less than 6 months to live about the time this game was announced. This meant the world to me because he was born and raised in Bluefield West Virginia and I thought to myself what are the chances that this game was announced the same year he was told he had less than 6 months to live. Fast forward to the BETA testing where I built a house right outside of Vault 76 by a pond like where he was raised I figured this meant a lot to me like it would him I told him about it and he wanted to see how they represented the locations in West Virginia and was ecstatic to see my base where he was born and raised (in a sense of course) in a one bedroom, one story house. Unfortunately November 19th was his last day here on earth, days after I had played the beta and told him all about it and for some reason I got the idea of putting a vase in my camp in honor of him like he was there with me during my adventures in Appalachia he always wanted to go back down with me but I never got that chance. After the game was released I placed an urn in my camp and haven’t moved it since.. by a window that overlooks the identical pond (in a sense) that he grew up by. This Father’s Day (in real life) we are having his 21 gun salute because he served in Vietnam and coming back to my camp In Appalachia by that little pond never ceases to amaze me. If you’re ever by Vault 76 and your on Xbox he’s by the window, and of all of the people in this world he would give a lot to have you stop by, I appreciate if you read this personal thing through. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but this game and this community give me hope that things get better in time and rolling through Appalachia with all of you makes it that much better I might even try to get something together in game for him as I have had a lot of support and kind comments in a group I am a part of on Facebook ❤️ Thank You!


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