This is my first Fallout game , And I absolutely love it.

fallout 8 - This is my first Fallout game , And I absolutely love it.

Before I get started disclaimer : I realize the game is super broken and disappointing , and alot of people hate the base campaign. Thats fine , good job formulating your own ideas and not being a braindead id*ot. I am not praising the game. It needs work.

That being said … I’m tired of all the people that get their opinions from biased salt-coated reviews from youtubers who prefer content over accuracy , and then spew it back out like they have ever even breathed on the game itself. Personally , I love the game , but whatever you believe is fine.

Don’t get me wrong… it could use some fixing , there are serious issues , and we shouldn’t expect an indie game from a AAA studio at all , but that isn’t the point. The reason why i am irritated isn’t that people don’t like it , or that people disagree with my opinion, it’s that big content creators leech off the negative , unfinished , and overlooked parts of the game for personal benefit.


I even saw a video from one content creator who won’t be named where he went through uncanny caverns at a too low level with little to no commentary in a monotone voice , where the only time he spoke he criticized how boring it was , and with no quest , clearing out mole miners for no reason and then claiming it was the most fun he had overall in the game and that he’d let you “judge for yourself” and not try and force anything on you. You’re devaluing a game that already has serious issues that are obvious so you can get views and rile people up just because of the pursuit of content.

It’s beautiful and fun and personally I don’t believe anyone has any more right than I do to say that it isn’t. The majority of the videos i see feature a player under level five killing glitchy one shot scorched in the beta and complaining how it has no story as they set up their camp for the first time and find their first non-pipe gun.

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People really need to get past hate bandwagoning and just try out the game. If you don’t like it , don’t play it anymore. We are all aware there are glitches , and that’s the majority of this sub. By no means am i saying this game is amazing or even a 60$ game , but it really isn’t as bad as some people make it seem. Please formulate opinions yourself. If you get your opinion from someone else why do you even have one ? What do you guys think?

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