This just makes all the misinformation really sad

fallout 7 - This just makes all the misinformation really sad

So, today as I was researching more stuff in google about this game (Don't judge me for how I spend my time) I came across this article from around the time the game was announced. Honestly? It broke my heart reading it.

Pete Hines biggest concern back during the reveal wasn't that no one would play it, or that people wouldn't want to buy it. It's that people wouldn't want to buy it for the wrong reasons. He was super disappointed that everyone was just making up their minds based on little information, and that people were comparing it to a bunch of other games that weren't what this game was trying to be. The exact thing he was worried about is STILL happening, even after the gameplay was released.


Obviously this issue will be solved once full launch becomes a thing, but I just thought it was an interesting read and still rings true to what's happening with the fanbase today. Even after the release of the Beta and two weeks before launch people still say it's just a rust clone and PvP based. It's just crazy to me that this was written a day after the reveal, and people still claim wrong things about it or that it "changed due to backlash."

Though I guess if we learned anything from this series, it's that some things never change.


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