This needs to stop, seriously

fallout 6 - This needs to stop, seriously

I’ve loved this game since day one because of one thing, the community. I’m not a Bethesda loyalist, although I enjoy many of their games, and accept the huge mis steps that they have taken, but let me get one thing straight…

The people taking out their frustrations on people who have purchased fallout 1st are being ridiculous.

Fallout 1st may be an issue that is a bit beyond the pale for some of you, and if you are one of those people, I’m here to say I agree. Fallout 1st is hiding features that should most probably be free. They are based on complaints and suggestions by the community on how to improve the game, and it is a total ass move to hide these things behind a paywall.

The thing is though, some people (and I would say this is quite a characteristic for people who play bethesda type RPG games) are into it F76 because of the feedback loop that collecting and obtaining in game items creates. It’s part of the reason a loot based RPG keeps the player going. So a lot of the people who have purchased the sub are among other reasons forced to do this to obtain content that they will enjoy or appreciate (or maybe to satisfy a must have affliction). Considering that you gain the ranger armour and get a decent sum of atoms back at the same time, I have seen people do this for month one only and then plan to cancel, based on the fact that they may have purchased atoms anyway.


People may really want the private servers, so they can immerse themselves fully in the game. Something that is actually fair to charge for as the entire world is instanced for the player and this takes server space. Regardless of the comments regarding “oh they are just using the old survival resources” it’s an additional value added service and helps avoid the griefers, as well as costing more for Bethesda to maintain. More private servers means more servers period, as 24 players per server going to a average of >10 with lots of single players moving out to private worlds means that more servers will be running at once; hence the stress on Bethesda’s servers will be very high.

This is Bethesda’s decision, not those who have been forced to enrol to experience the game more fully, so direct your comments accordingly. And anyone that thinks that Bethesda will discontinue this based on community feedback is mad. This game always needed this or a similar service to ensure a financially viable future. Sales of the game are dwindling and it’s either going to be shut up shop down the line or introduce something like fallout 1st for people who want to support the game and gain what is let’s be honest a far from pay to win advantage.

I purchased to write an article about the update and I still grind as much as ever and struggle to keep my components in check as I use them quicker than I can collect. The main advantage to me is the private servers but I may still cancel before renewal.

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