This patch is an absolute mess, lost my entire stash.

fallout 4 - This patch is an absolute mess, lost my entire stash.

This patch is a mess.

Logged on, and a whole bunch of level 68 Super Mutants spawned INSIDE my base, and proceeded to destroy my house from the inside out because they'll shoot rockets at point blank range now. Killed me before I was even all the way loaded in. Used up most of my ammo trying to kill them all, because it seems like they've given every mob a shitload more health and a 'leash' that bugs out and causes them to go back up to full heath despite "buffing automatic guns". So, repair what I can and take all the shit they dropped over to Watoga to sell. Immediately get caught up in a level 80 Scorchbeast flying over the train station. So I'm getting hit repeatedly hit by the sonic attack, once I'm safe I go in to sell. I'm about 2 hits from being dead and some dude comes up and gives me a few wacks and kills me before I can pull my gun up.. annnd of course it bugs out and the guy isn't wanted and I can't pull a revenge on him. I respawn, go over towards the BoS merchant up the road to sell the rest of my shit. While I'm in the menu I'm hit for full damage despite not being in PVP by the same guy and now his friend and instantly die while in the menu. It shows the guy is wanted now. So I respawn nearby, can't pull out my weapon. Guy comes up to me, isn't wanted now, and proceeds to kill me in 3-4 shots from the handmade AK.

Respawned back at base. Couldn't pull out my gun still, but could go into my pipboy and swap weapons. Nothing. Figured I'd relog and go over to another server and see if it was fixed. Nope, and then I noticed all the stuff I sold? Didn't get any caps for it, and every item I sold is still gone. Go over to my stash, everything is gone. So I'm level 92, with no supplies, no ammo and most of my other guns are just gone. The only thing I have left right now is my Railway rifle. But despite having the perks for the semi-auto rifle boost as well, the base damage (while unequipped) goes from 98 to.. 58 when equipped. Suppose it doesn't matter when I can't shoot it anyways.

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So yeah, folks. Be careful, apparently your entire stash can up and poof just because you got killed while in a menu. How that works, I don't know.

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