Thought I dodged a bullet, then a train, now I realize it was a nuke I dodged

fallout 5 - Thought I dodged a bullet, then a train, now I realize it was a nuke I dodged

I was cautiously excited about the prospect of Fallout 76 when the game was first announced. A new game with a story I could finally explore with friends in one of my favorite franchises would be brilliant. However I am travelling right now and didn't plan on upgrading my PC (no consoles atm) until Christmas. So while I played with the idea of getting a special edition for the helmet, I decided to instead do what I always do and hold off on buying the game until I found out more when it was released. I had confidence that a good game would be produced, or at least the potential for a great game would be immediately evident once it was released.

Cut to the release of the game and everybody talking about how boring it was. Thought I dodged a bullet there and that by the time I did finally get together with some people to explore Appalachia the game would be great. After all I could afford to cut Bethesda some slack since I didn't give them any money yet. I could wait for a product worth the money and have a great time. I have waited plenty of time for all kinds of great games, including New Vegas, so this felt no different. Sad to see a studio I thought was good stumble, but nobody's perfect.

Cut to the PR nightmare that was the special edition's canvas bag. Seeing how little care Bethesda was giving their customers plus how broken the game still seemed to be after a few updates, and I figured that I had dodged a train rather than just a bullet. I would have hated to feel like I supported such bad behavior by purchasing a game on faith. It was mesmerizing to watch such a total failure and felt like I was seeing a friend who had picked up a drug habit and become an as*hole finally admit he had a problem. I wanted to believe that Bethesda was getting exactly the kick it needed to remember to care about the customers and the product they put out instead of just trying to make as much money as possible.

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Now we have the Bethesda doxing thing. I like to think of myself as a patient and forgiving individual, but this is a line that should never be crossed. I understand that it could very much be a mistake, but Bethesda has lost my willingness to give them the benefit of the doubt. This should never be forgotten, and the company really should get the harshest legal repercussions possible. I cannot see myself ever getting Fallout 76 or any future Bethesda game at this point. They have to seriously make up for everything that has happened with Fallout 76, and I don't honestly think any company can ever recover from corruption this extensive.

Fallout is about a nuclear apocalypse. It looks like Bethesda wanted to replicate that in their own company.

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