Thoughts on survival mode

fallout 5 - Thoughts on survival mode

Posting because I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks about it.

Survival in vanilla NV I think was really well done, I never played it without it and I never felt like I missed the experience having it on always. The second they asked me if I wanted it I threw it on. It made me think so much harder about fights in the early game where heals were slow and limited and it made my discovery of finding the implant that slowly heals over time so exciting. Food and water we're not easy to come by so I ended up buying food more often than I really needed to which kept me fairly broke (until I did Bleed Me Dry or Dead Money)

Fast forward to me more recently playing Fo4 which I'm really really enjoying except for survival mode just feels terrible at times. It seems like such a terrible design choice to limit save points in a game notorious for crashes. It's also upsetting because enemies do 4x damage which is just absurd. I have almost 200 DR and 400 health and a single bite attack from a cave cricket instantly kills me. I die and lose some progress even after getting mods to add in auto saves on room changes and the ability to save myself.

The carry weight change is so terrible imo. I turned it off fairly early in because I couldn't wear a full set of armor and carry more than 2 guns with their respective ammo and still be able to loot and sell items later. Playing survival first time though the game, blind, without modding the game just seems impossible to play.

Food and water is all fine and I like that settlements give you a stable source of water and food. Food seems absurdly heavy though, my carry weight normally sits about 330 and my armor is around 150 of that. My guns and ammo are maybe another 60. The rest up until my typical carry weight of around 300 is my Aid. I really miss the perk that made items that weighed less than 2 have half weight which made holding lots of ammo and food in NV so much easier. I get over encumbered so much I fully invested into the carry weight perk which I never do in Bethesda's RPGs.


Last complaint and then onto the good stuff, I think getting rid of doctors bags was a mistake because stimpacks are just the only medicine I carry on me besides a few rad away. Adamantium skeleton which was a godsend in NV is just totally unimportant in Fo4. Doctors are only good for curing diseases which you'd think would be really expensive but are super cheap. So disease once you reach diamond city for the first time isn't an issue at all.

That said I really enjoy the changes to sleep, sleeping was never a concern in NV because even when you had to you'd just find a dirty mattress and sleep for a day. It really makes me need to find inns and places to sleep which encourages a nice type of exploring.

Bottling water is really nice because it makes Junk items even more useful than just collecting them for crafting (another thing I really like about fo4)

I like how perk priority is in survival because it was really tough picking between crafting abilities for my personal need to build better guns (gun crafting is so great) or survival abilities like increased DT or Medic which would let me explore further without dying so easily. It kept me from upgrading special points super early which was a fun challenge having 3 charisma at the start, and not knowing it was the only dialogue stat, and failing every dialogue chance until I could level it.

Just a few observations I made and I'd be happy to hear what other little things bothered other survival mode fans. Or changes you felt made the experience better.

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