Thoughts on the End Game – Level 120/~150hrs

fallout 3 - Thoughts on the End Game - Level 120/~150hrs

Goes without saying these are all my personal opinions, feel free to disagree if you feel differently! This post will contain spoilers!

First part will be actual endgame things, second will be the rest of the game/features. TL;DR at the bottom.

—End Game Content—


  • Fun and interesting experience, and very hectic the first time

  • Enjoyable learning curve about pathing through the silo itself, where to cut through via lockpick and where terminals are to disable turrets

  • Solid, and if these are any indication of what vaults will be like then I am pumped

  • (Personal wish) Make the nukes have collision during liftoff so we can get some sick screenshots of people riding them


  • I like how involved the process is, and that it is (relatively) difficult but still feasible if you are doing it yourself

  • I don't like (personally) that anyone can find the number online and enter it with only a key-card and none of the pieces

  • Would prefer that each launch consumed the silo pieces from the person who launched so you would need to get all 8 for each launch, make it less of a cheap experience and one you have to commit to (but servers would need to be stable/have a return-to-previous server option since disconnects are so disruptive)


  • Fun and hectic

  • Needs more stability to be worth it

  • Event might be more stable with less total mobs, but more hard mobs (less scorched).

  • Maybe mobs (besides queen/legendaries) shouldn't drop loot since the event is so busy OR

  • Queen loot should be given through event reward not ground drop, it's pretty unacceptable to lose the reward due to resources used in the fight


  • No real complaints, interesting enemy and very interesting lore-wise (same for Mire Strangler vines, very intriguing for me personally)

  • Should have a chance to drop queen-type plans, so there is incentive for lower level players to kill them too (to have end-game plans or to sell to higher level players)

  • That said, they are not all that hard to kill towards the end-game, difficulty not really a problem (even level 80s)

  • Once a Scorchbeast is dead, Scorched should stop spawning near fissure (similar to how Hordes work)


  • Fun to launch

  • Need more things to use flux on

  • Useful info: Hazmat suit/Power Armor is not entirely necessary, if you stack Rad-X, Rad-X Diluted and Rad Shield the rads are manageable (you'll still need to maintain their up-time and use Radaway/Rad Sponge though)

  • There needs to be greater incentive to nuking the Ash Heap. As it stands it is one of the worst zones to nuke due to limited plants/mobs and difficult terrain (Savage Divide at least has a lot of plants)

  • Need more variety to the types of creatures that spawn, needs a pool similar to Scorched Earth event

  • Need to move Hardened Mass to the Misc. category, or make its functionality the same as Beer Bottles/Baseballs so that "scrap all" ignores these items


  • Either need reliable level 50 legendary drops, or the ability to rank up weapon to 45-50 similar to the Voice of Set (perhaps using pure flux?)

  • Omit certain effects from weapons, ex: melee weapons don't need % VATS chance


  • I Am Become Death abruptly ends, MODUS/Overseer should explain/hint at next step (even if it is "we will need to wait while we decipher X" while new content is made)

—Non End Game Things—


  • Need craft-able level 45-50 versions of all variants

  • Would be a good idea to have different suitability/niche for each set like Excavator.

    Just spit-balling: X-01/Ultracite for highest ballistic/energy resist, but no other benefit while others have less DR but passive effects

    Perhaps things like movespeed, damage reflection, high rad resistance, weapon stability, VATS chance, sneak chance

  • Need more paints for all types (especially Raider/Ultracite/Excavator) to increase visual diversity, it's uninteresting to see everyone in the same stuff/colors (another reason for viable high level versions)

  • Need option for default UI in power armor or an opacity slider


  • Pistols seem weak (haven't used them a ton but probably the weapon type I see least often from other players)

  • Ripper/Buzz Blade/Drill are extremely weak, basically meme weapons (but this is probably better than being good/too strong)

  • Orbital Scan Beacons have no true purpose, and are inconsistent in marking enemies correctly.

  • Syringer is still bad (my heart aches for this one, I love this weapon's concept)

    Not competitive with any other weapon for DPS

    Debuffs are weak or have no discernible effect (I've tested Endangerol and noticed zero increase in my ability to damage anything, same as Fallout 4, I'd be glad to be wrong though)

  • Unarmed should be use-able in power armor, if this is a visual issue then don't show weapon on the hand but add the damage/effects to PA fist punches

  • Certain weapons degrade far too quickly (looking at you, Gatling Plasma)

Read:  Patch Notes 3/13/19


  • If Enclave Plasma and Ultracite laser are going to remain separate weapons (from normal plasma and laser weaponry), they need increased drop rate/reliable plans to learn their mods

  • Each weapon/armor should display how many mods you know out of how many exist AND/OR show unlearned mods

  • Certain mods seem to only be obtainable through vendors or vendor plans, and cannot be learned via scrapping (have scrapped hundreds of missile launchers, only to buy the plan for targeting computer off of a vendor)

  • Mods bought from vendors should have a description of WTF they do before purchase


  • Duplicates are OK sometimes, the high amount of duplicates is not (I do not need 7 ultra-light build marine armor mods thank you)

  • MODUS should sell more plans than only Gatling Laser/Plasma/Gauss Rifle, particularly X-01 mod PLANS and Scout Armor mod PLANS

  • Vendors should display if you know the plan already


  • I think adding a perk like White Knight but for weapons (and making Gun Nut all about crafting) would be welcome

  • Adding a perk that reduces self-damage from explosives would help (me personally)

  • Endurance is easily the weakest tree, to start I would make the rank 3 disease chance perks 100% not 90%. Food/drink/disease cure are far too abundant to make this tree worthwhile, maybe even need to lump disease chance perks together; I shouldn't need 12 points and 4 different perks to have 90% less chance of disease from any source.

  • Should not be able to get duplicate of single-rank cards from packs like Hacker/Picklock, but there is sometimes a reason to get a lower rank version of a perk you already have maxed so that part I do not mind, personally


  • Some are pretty interesting, I like the diversity with different types, would like even more

  • Should display level range recommendation/have set levels that do not scale with people in the event

  • Need harder endgame events, tied with above to discourage lower levels

  • Need more events with guaranteed legendary enemies like Uranium Fever, or event reward of legendary loot

  • Way to know what kind of reward an event will give you before starting/finishing (yeah those 6 purified water sure was worth it!)


  • These are hilarious and I want more


  • I want to see a lot more stuff here before I pass final judgement

  • Camp items should come in bundles; 500 atoms for one door isn't value to me, but 200 atom for 9 plants is.

  • I like the amount of atoms you get for doing normal things/normal play, even at higher levels (most dailies are things you'll do anyway)


  • Fun, could do with more items added to it (not just through Atom Shop)

  • Need craft-able complete bobblehead stand (requirement could be having every bobblehead + some wood) since I imagine having a dynamic bobblehead stand will melt the server (given there isn't one)

  • Need a teddy bear display case similar to bobblehead stand idea

  • Fast Travel Target to be build-able at CAMPs or make the CAMP item itself the fast travel target


  • I like the new system, gives good incentive to pick up other weapons/ones you already have

  • Scrapping should have small chance for rare materials (I do think I should get one fiber optic for scrapping 17 gatling lasers) OR Scrapper perk should do this

  • Crafting a new weapon should not be cheaper than repairing existing one (ties in with having a White Knight for weapons)


  • PRIORITY #1: Pocketed armor exploit, this is the only thing keeping massive inventories viable because they don't have to drop anything ever (when I have a friend join my server who is carrying 100's of different weapons I can clearly see everything take much longer to load, and that's just from one person)

  • Perk cards becoming unshared constantly and for unknown reasons

  • Friends list will delete itself randomly (fix that I have been using is to add an existing friend, they remove you then add you and that usually fixes it)

  • Sometimes unable to enter the "downed" position; rather than being able to call for help when killed, instead will just instantly die without call for help option

  • If you die while wearing Excavator Power Armor and your carry weight exceeds your BASE carry capacity (not counting the +100 from the armor) you will be unable to respawn anywhere except Vault 76. Sometimes you cannot respawn anywhere, including 76

  • Plasma Core has the wrong model (when viewed as an ammo), same model as Fusion Core, the Gatling Plasma has a visibly different model when reloading.

  • Player level when above 100 displays incorrectly when viewed through the world map, cuts off the 3rd digit (team UI works fine)

  • Nuka Quantum grenades have demonstrably smaller explosion radius than any other grenade

  • One of the Whitespring shops is missing a portion of wall, you can see into the void here

  • When trying to claim a workshop, turrets will fire at you. Firing back results in you being wanted (if this is intended then this is a pretty strange mechanic)

  • The Messenger event in the Ash Heap is uncompletable, the part needed to repair the Mr. Handy is unreachable, stuck in the road collision

  • Challenges like "rank up a perk" or "learn 76 recipes" reset progress upon relog

  • Raw flux (.2) weighs less than the inert flux (1) it becomes, it is possible to overdraw your stash limit (something like 630/600) by storing raw flux

  • When attempting to craft/mod power armor, crafting sound repeats very loudly even though you haven't performed any actions, simply scrolling through menus

  • Teammates (usually in power armor) will appear naked, invisible (but nametag visible), or completely invisible.

  • Gatling Plasma, plasma weaponry, and Harpoon Gun projectiles break at close range. They "collide" in front of your face and do no damage to enemies close to you

  • Lever action reload still unfixed from Fallout 4


  • What is a "Verdant Season"? The in-game message mentions "abundance" but I have no idea if/why I should care about which region is in verdant season

  • Patch notes mention "boss enemy", what qualifies as a boss? Is it only the Scorchbeast Queen? Are crown enemies bosses? Are legendaries? A lot of different terms being thrown about here

  • Related to the "downed" bug, when are we supposed to have the option to call for help or are there situations where we always instantly die? Clarity on the intended functionality would be appreciated

  • How do we get into the locked rooms in Whitespring, the Vaults, and the keypad warehouse in The Mire? (I realize some/all of these are for future content but the average consumer does not, could do with lore-friendly indication of what is future content)


  • Nerf level 52 Colonel Gutsy health. They are some of the more lethal enemies in the lategame (which is welcome, not a lot can threaten you) but take too long to kill especially in large groups

  • Need cleaner way of bypassing the "pick a perk" screen when having a new level up past 50, annoying when it pops up when I just want to change out a card

  • Vendors should display whether you already know the plan they are selling

  • Power Armor chassis saying what pieces are stored on it

  • Remove some/all of Whitespring Bunker turrets, cause massive FPS problems/loud sounds when they all load at once (at least for me)

  • Move Hardened Mass to the Misc. category, or make its functionality the same as Beer Bottles/Baseballs so that "scrap all" ignores these items

  • Fast Travel Target to be buildable at CAMPs or make the CAMP item the fast travel target

    If the current form is intended to prevent abuse, I would argue that my current CAMP fast travel location plants me inside of a cliff face so the default system is already creating abuse cases

TL;DR – The endgame is fun, but we need better/reliable streams for endgame items (Ultracite/rare plans, legendaries, things to spend flux on) and better stability/guaranteed rewards from the Queen fight to make it worth doing. On the bugs side, carry weight exploits leading to massive inventories are the main problem (IMO) for server stability, I'd personally focus those first.

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