Three months of Wastelanders

fallout 4 - Three months of Wastelanders

And so they came. The wastelanders. Those, who came second. We were here before them and here they are, “this is our land now”. Oh, kiddos, you don’t know nothing about it.

Mag tells us they were first, but were they? Does spending one night with a person and leaving him/her at the first sight of troubles makes you a couple? Oh, Mag, you're the first who dumped this land but returned when it started to feel better, so screw off, wouldya?

Did y’all tried to find out how to prevent the Blight to turn your pinky asses into crimson steak stuffed with crystals? Did y’all took any part in restoring the warning system to fight off the Scorched? Did y’all scavenged like we did to get the best gear you can find to survive and even prosper? Did y’all made a deal with the devil (hey, MODUS, no offense) to have the edge against SBQ? Hell, do y’all even know what SBQ means?

I’ll put it simpler: did y’all ever done something to bring any hope to Appalachia, not only to yourself?

When we visited both Crater and Foundation first time they were treating us like an outsiders, and I guess this is understandable, but also as a guest in our own land. More of that bullcrap, we had to prove them we’re useful to work with them. They came here second, isn’t it their problem to prove they’re worthy of our attention? They still think we’re not trustworthy enough after we bring a vaccine against Scorched plague? Seriously?

Are you sure we won’t be able to get into Vault 101 without those guys? The only real problem was getting thru the main door, and Penny with MOTHERLODE-003 (R.I.P., honey, I’m still missing you), who actually was not a Settlers, could do it on their own with our help. Hell, I’m nearly sure a few 76’ers would figure out how to break in without any help.

I saw a few scavengers that gone mad just because I walked by near; they were squeaking “it’s mine! I found it first!”. Well, if you think you’re in rights to have any of this junk just because you really found any crap first you’d better keep your mouth shut to keep my attention focused on something other than you, ‘cause your unmodded pipe gun and piece of leather armor are rather unconvincing in any form of aggressive negotiations. And calling me an asshole after I’ve spared your life for measly 25 caps sounds like a shitty choice for the last words, dear former raider. What’s the matter with ya, I’m a walking overmutated weapon of total annihilation, and yet still you’re trying to pick up the fight? Ol’ man Darvin should be so proud when I shoot your dumb heads off.


We really shouldn’t have to take side with any of the factions. Both Settlers and Raiders are dumber than a gulper tadpole doing bubbles in a toxic pool. They made a little nest / an ugly lair and stuck. These few guys we might encounter in the wild are nothing but a scavengers or robbers.

Instead, we must have been form a third force and develop it. Vault 76 was full of fine people, and it’s time to return them to the family. Nuka-Cola factory seems good enough for a settlement – fresh water, working equipment, electricity, some food. That’s a nice place to start restoring of Appalachia. Any of former settlers or raiders is welcome (if they won’t hang around doing nothing or getting us into troubles) – we’ll need any pristine human being, even if he’s fried a bit with rads. Form a coalition with Vault 101 to keep the economy growing, watch for the actions MODUS could take but evade any conflicts as we don’t really know full list of his capabilities yet, not to mention the way to destroy it (we’ll probably have to, someday, but not now). Independent honest workers should be treated with respect and might get our help if possible even if they didn’t joined with us yet. As for the others… well let’s say they could keep on living if they won’t interfere with us or our allies.

The old bigot Overseer… she keeps on rambling about greater goods etc. but meanwhile settled down in Sutton and mostly just makes an errand boy of us. She’s not an Overseer anymore since we’re scattered across the land. She failed to keep us as a whole. She just failed.

I’ve heard some strange signals on the radio. If my ass is acting wise like she did since I left the Vault, we’d better be prepared for something nasty is coming. Settlers or Raiders, they won’t stand a chance. The Vault Dwellers must be united, with or without them.

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