Tips and Tricks for new, old, and returning players

fallout 6 - Tips and Tricks for new, old, and returning players

There's a random unmarked event (I believe it may only be in the forest) that procs from walking around. You'll see black smoke near the ground going up. Go towards it and you'll find a few low level scorched, a dead settler, and a burning tent. The tent has a higher chance for rare loot, such as the trapper plans. I've had this happen three times on my new character, and I'm only missing one of the trapper plans now. Note, by unmarked I mean no notification, no quest tool tip, nada. It will just always be the same occurrence, a burning tent, dead settler, handful of scorched. Has always been away from cities while I was walking from point A to point B instead of fast traveling.

Love Jug and all his building tips; if you use the campfire truck to build where you otherwise wouldn't be able to, on your next log in the game will not be able to reassemble your camp and will tell you it could not be placed, so just be cautious. This has happened to me about 5 times (before I figured it out). The game freaked so hard I lost 30+ crops and a large water purifier. Just -poof- gone.

The carnivore and herbivore mutations only double the food % and HP gain. They do not double the stat gain.

If you absolutely HAVE to have a plan right now then buy it, otherwise find a plan you like at a vendor, and then go do events close to them. I used to buy the leather armor upgrades until I realized on my new character that Fertile Soil and other nearby Forest events have a chance to award plans from the responder vendors. I would assume it works the same for each faction and then the respective vendors.

You can learn armor mods by crafting and then scrapping the lowest cost item of the set; for example, on a new character I always grind out all of the leather mods by crafting a bunch of leather left arms and then scrapping them. I only lose one steel per arm. Not a big expense for the convenience of mods and being able to supplement perks with them. Doing this Heavy Leather armor becomes viable all then way until endgame, and even then it's still pretty tough.

A higher intelligence score will give items crafted the little white bar, i.e. over 100% durability. There are perks that allow this too. The only benefit is the items last longer before needing repaired, EXCEPT with armor it increases the physical DR. So by popping a berry mentat and drinking aster tea and brain fungus soup before crafting the above mentioned leather armor, you can make the physical DR almost equal the energy DR, and really make it worth the investment. I can reach DR that rivals PA, minus the rads. Pop a Rad-X as needed and I'm good to go.

You can stack an unlimited amount of unique food buffs. For example, you can consume food that adds 3 to Str, Agi, Per, Int, End, Lck, Chr, energy resistance, disease resistance, max ap, ap regen, etc, and they will ALL apply simultaneously. Just be mindful of which ones you consume first, because the most recent one over rides the older one, even if the bonus on the older one was better.


For VATS, Perception affects accuracy for each point. The next best way to improve vats accuracy is your weapon's range. The further a target is outside of your weapon's range, the higher the penalty to VATS accuracy, the further inside of the range of the weapon they are, the greater the bonus to accuracy. The accuracy stat has a minor role to play, but not much. The accuracy stat on a weapon is the probability that the fired projectile will land exactly where you were aiming. If it fails that roll, it will land somewhere else within the aiming reticle.

Crack Shot and Long Shot only affect manual aiming down the sights. Unless your play style involves a lot of manual aiming, those perks are not for you.

Pipe Revolvers(.45) and Pipe Bolt-Action(.308) weapons benefit from both pistol and rifle perks when they are modded with ANY stock. The regular (.38) pipe rifle does not double dip.

You learn the generator plans by doing the powering up quests; provided you haven't bought or otherwise found or been given the plans, the first time awards the medium, the second awards the large, and the third awards the fusion.

At poseidon energy, if you are having trouble with the fusion core generator, one of the connectors is bugged; there are 4 connectors, one on the generator, two in the middle, and one on the power box by the building. Connect the one by the building to the connector closest to, but not on, the generator (the second connector left to right). The third one is bugged. The generator should start working now. 😁 the nuclear resource generator will occasionally not allow you to place it because "another object exists" or something. Blow up the tanks in the hole. If it still wont work, use a grenade or a mine to blast the pieces out of the hole. It should now allow you to place the resource generator.

When doing the Mr. Messenger quests, if he ever just stops and won't move, or just runs continuously into a wall and won't adjust his route, interact with him. This will restart his navigation and he will continue on his way/move around the object in his way.

Sorry that nothing is in any kind of specific order, I'm on a smart phone and I just wanted to share some tips that I wish I had known when I started playing. I'll add more as comments as I think of them, and feel free to do the same yourselves. 😀😁

Edit: additions

Your CAMP device serves as a stash, you do not need to build a stash box.

You can unlock CAMP plans by capturing and defending workshops. The workshops do not have to be owned by you, just be careful not to damage the other person's property or you will obtain a wanted level.

You unlock all of the crafting and water plans by following the overseer's questline. The large purifier, for example, is in the overseer's chest in Camp McLintock.

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