Tips and Tricks you may not know – from a level 150

fallout 3 - Tips and Tricks you may not know - from a level 150

– There is a Sulfur drinking fountain at whitesprings Golf Club that removes all diseases. There is also a robot that sells nuka cola drinks and alcoholic beverages above the stores in the basement.

– Perks or armor effects that reduce item weight ONLY effect what is currently in your inventory. NOT your stash. For example, Thru-Hiker 3 will reduce purified water to 0.05 each. Put that in your stash and it goes back up to 0.5.

– Each time a new player enters an area enemies will respawn, even if you and others are there. You have probably noticed this in nuked areas; you can kill the same enemies again and again. If you have a friend and an empty nuke zone you can keep spawning new enemies by relogging in with one account.

– When making chems or ammo apply the Ammosmith 2 (80% more ammo) / Chemist (double quantity) along with Super Duper 3 (30% chance to double whatever you make). Instead of making 10 ammo you have chance to make 28 with same material!

– You learn weapon and armor mods from scrapping them at a workbench. It's very useful to loot weapons from dead enemies.

– The Two Shot legendary effect isn't that great since they nerfed it. Instead seek out bloodied/anti armor/furious weapons to do more damage. Combine anti armor perk cards like Tank Killer 3 (negates 36% armor) with anti armor gun effect (negates 50% armor) for amazing results in both PVP and PVE.

– If you have 3 perk points to put into damage for your weapon choose all three cards instead of 3 points into one. For example, if you put 1 point into Shotgunner, Expert Shotgunner, and Master Shotgunner you will have 30% damage bonus. However, if you put 3 points into just Shotgunner you will only have 20%.

– Power Armor will break incredibly slowly. Haven't had to repair same armor for 2 months. Don't use Power Patcher all the time. Only when you have to repair the armor.

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– Looking for weapons, armor, ammo, items, etc but don't want to grind? or looking to sell items? Join a fallout 76 trading discord channel. They are very active and an easy way to make lots of caps and get exactly what you need without having to grind so much. You can finally sell unwanted ammo.


– Want to use a secondary account to hold items because your stash is full? Join a friends game and place all your items into a suitcase or something transferable. Then quit. Choose other character and join friends game again. All of your items should be where you left them, ready to take. In order to do this smoothly have both characters in the same location on the map. Choose a transferable stash that is not obvious like a news stand outside a train station! This is because anyone could take the items. So check the map to see where players are and do this somewhere remote.

– Use https://nukacrypt.com/solved to see the launch codes for the current week. No need to figure this out yourself!

– For low level players looking to level up quick, Whitesprings Golf Club is the best. Keep clearing out the club house and area behind the main building. A cheesy way to do it is to run in, round up the ghouls and then jump on a car. Wait until they all surround the car then blow up the car and yourself. BOOM! XP! respawn and kill remaining that have little life yet. Server hop and repeat. I leveled up super quick doing this.

– For higher level players currently the burrows, Monster Mash event (3 or so ghouls will respawn every 10 seconds at the candy bucket. you just crouch and keep killing them for 15 minutes), Scorched beast queen event because of all the enemies that spawn are the best for leveling up quickly

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– For legendaries I just server hop Wes-tek and clear it out. Good XP and consistent legendary drops. Currently right now the Burrows is the best for the amount of legendary drops, although they are all 1 star and shitty so only farm here for the upcoming legendary vendor.

Thanks and leave more tips in the comments.

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