Tips for new players!

fallout 8 - Tips for new players!

I spent some time putting together a list of things that could be useful to new players. If I've missed anything (or if I'm wrong on anything), let me know!

​ Here's a few things that the game doesn't tell you (at least early on).

  • There is an area of the map where nukes cannot be targeted. Build your first camp in that area (generally, build your first camp somewhere in "the forest" portion of the map).
  • If you like building your camp, it can be fun to just go resource hunting rather than following a quest or doing daily tasks. There are a bunch of places on the map that aren't "marked" but are still pretty cool.
  • You don't have to hit the "back" button 12 times in a terminal to get out. Just hold it down to exit the terminal.
  • There are "power boxes" at some of the workshops that give free power (10 with no need to make a generator). They generate more power (100) if someone has compeleted the "bring online" event at the nearest power plant.
  • You don't have to take a perk card from the S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute you pick when you level up… It auto-filters to the same S.P.E.C.I.A.L as you pick, but you can change the filter and take whatever perk you want.
  • Check the suitcases (and other containers) at railway stations. High level players like to dump excess loot there.
  • Don't be too afraid to die. The only thing you lose is your junk, which is mostly easy to recoup. Remember to dump your junk into your stash or junkbox (if you've subscribed to Fallout 1st).
  • Nukashine teleports you to a random distant location. This can be fun, but if you're broke or over-encumbered when you drink it, it's going to be a long walk back.
  • If somebody drops you a gift, they almost certainly don't want anything back. Just give them a heart emote to say thanks.
  • Mutations allow you to do all sorts of cool stuff, but they don't "stick" unless you have certain perk cards which aren't available until much higher levels.
  • Do Daily ops. Stay close to the uplinks. Being close to the uplink speeds it up, which makes your presence beneficial even if you aren't killing a bunch of mobs. If nobody is close enough the uplink takes 600 seconds, but if just one person is standing next to it, it only takes 150 seconds. (Each additional drops the timer by 20 seconds.)
  • Unless you luck your way into a great legendary weapon, try to make sure your weapon is around the same level as you are. (Weapon and armor types are level-locked, so you won't be able to use some weapons and armor until you've reached certain levels.)
  • "End game" content requires you to buy things with "Gold Bullion." You can't start earning gold bullion until you've completed the main Wastelander's quest (starts by talking to the two women outside the Vault).
  • Every time you scrapping a weapon or armor at a workbench, you have a chance to learn a mod for that weapon/armor. (There are exceptions to this rule. For armor and some weapons, the chance is VERY low — cough cough radium rifle.)
  • The first time you take a workshop, you get a bunch of plans. (You also get plans for taking/defending subsequent workshops.)
  • During events other than Scorched Earth (which you probably shouldn't head into at low levels), you only need to do 1 damage to an enemy in order to get XP once it's killed. (This is called "tagging" and good event etiquette says you should allow as many folks as possible to tag as many enemies as possible. This goes double for legendary enemies. Molotov Cocktails are a good way to do small amounts of damage to large numbers of closely grouped enemies.)
  • Having spent a great deal of my early levels over-encumbered, here's some things I wish I knew earlier:
  • You can increase your carry capacity with a backpack… Find the plans for the "small" one inside the airport building. Re-make the backpack as you level up for more carry capacity. (There is a large backpack, as well, but the grind to get it is substantial.)
  • Gunpowder is heavy and there are no perks to reduce its weight. (I think)
  • Ammo is heavy without perks, and it's easy to accidentally accumulate, especially missles and mini-nukes.
  • Flamer, freezer, and gnasher grenades can't be sold for some reason, if you're not using them "destroy" them.
  • Stimpacks and radaway are extremely easy to come by, even early in the game. Since they're heavy (without perks), you shouldn't need to carry very many of them.
  • On PC, there is a mod called "BetterInventory" that is worth a close look, as it adds category totals so you can quickly see what's taking up the most space.

Caps and fast travel:

  • You can fast travel for free to "server-wide" events. These show up with an ! in the yellow hexagon. There is no penalty for "failing" or leaving the area, so these can be a cheap travel method for when you're broke.
  • You can free fast travel to your public team teammates, their camps, AND their survival tents. If none of these are where you need them to be, you can join another team. Your bonds with the original team members don't expire, so you can immediately go back with no penalty (assuming nobody's taken your spot).
  • If you kill enemies close to a vendor, you can immediately sell any weapons they drop for some quick caps — the airport has about 10 scorched. Even at a very low level, you can net 100 caps in about 5 minutes.
  • The amount of things you can sell to vendors each day is limited to 1400 caps TOTAL — across every vendor that you encounter. (This isn't likely to come up early, but I don't think the game ever explicitly tells you this until you actually hit the limit.) There's also a limit on scrip.

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