TL:DR I’m tired of the rng grind and worrying about meta. Anybody want to do something different? Make a new community…ish? I’m on xbox.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - TL:DR I'm tired of the rng grind and worrying about meta. Anybody want to do something different? Make a new community...ish? I'm on xbox.

Again TL:DR but if you want to play the game with me or others this way read on.

To keep this as short as possible, (which i can't lol) im tired of playing the game by Bethesda's rules. I'd like to play this game free of worrying about legendary this or that. I'm tired of the daily limits on things breaking up my gameplay. And most of all, I'm completely over the meta of this game, caring about what perk card/mutation combo or what weapons and armor does "the best" has been tedious and stressful for a while. Don't get me wrong, I've played the game since beta, got 1500+ hours in this game. I absolutely love this game. I just miss playing fallout and not some mobile/skinner box game.

Now that my rant is done…

Does anybody want to run around in a different way with me? It would be kinda similar to survival mode. I'd love to to have a group dedicated to: No HUD, no music no legendary items used, area mics only, minimal fast travel, no chasing events, and mutations are avoided. We'll work quests as we find them, but maybe spend a month in each region. You'll want to carry the flare gun lol We work together for resources and play our character to a specific role. We don't have to go all deep and hard role play our characters, but you can if you want. I'd also like to create a community of camps with these characters. Haven't thought of where yet.


If i can get an ok group together, i also have a couple ideas for games we can play. Like hide and seek, some fair pvp ideas, easter egg hunts, and a couple more.

I still want to do the basic things on my main every day, so the only time I have at the moment to dedicate to this would be the weekends. Starting this evening. Hopefully if this is an ok idea to others they can help me turn this into a thing.

I know there may be a couple reddit communities that might be better to post this in, but this one has the most exposure. I might be posting in those others as well.

If you're interested and think that you can play by the rules with everyone involved, drop me a message or comment. I have a level 20 mule I'm repurposing for this that has done NO quests besides taking over workshops. (Old Man River pipe rifle aficionado) New or newer characters preferred. Again, i am on xbox, and im 34 if that matters. Oh and my time zone is usa pacific standard. (So its 4 pm at the time of this post)

If you want to trash the idea, I invite you to just move on, please.

Much love. Thanks for stopping by and for your time. Be safe out there in the Wastelands.

Ps: To those working the grind, getting groll and rare items, i salute you. I'm not trying to devalue your efforts. I actually hope you get everything you want. I just don't care much for keeping up anymore.

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