To all of the people attempting to get free loot at the queen last night, you turned me in to a serial killer in 30 minutes, in game of course.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - To all of the people attempting to get free loot at the queen last night, you turned me in to a serial killer in 30 minutes, in game of course.

TL:DR – I launched a nuke at the queen, we fought for 26 minutes, only to realize we would never kill her because there was seven or eight people hiding in the barn/elevator not helping at all, one of said people tried to steal my legendary super-sledge through that exploit that exists now, so I snapped. After the event ended I proceeded to kill them as brutally as possible, and none of the people that helped with the queen tried to stop me, so that's a thing.


Last night, I decided to use my nuclear key card to launch the Silo Charlie nuke at Fissure Sight Prime. I looked around the map to see who may be able to help…


"A level 130, 105, 121, 98… Cool, we can definitely do this!" I thought to myself,


Of course, the one thing I did look at was how many low level people would come to not help at all, either not knowing what they where getting them selves into, or just looking to farm the endgame loot, while not helping at all… A level 28, 34, 40, 62… I guess that was the real enemy.


Now! I have always been an advocate of everyone experiencing the game, and all it has to offer… hell, the first time I killed the queen, I was level 80, and I was the highest level other than one level 90+ person…… other than that, the rest of our ragtag crew consisted of my friend who was level 75+, my brother who was level 36, and a bunch of other people between 40 and 60, but we all put in the effort, and we where rewarded.


So, last night, roughly five heroes came to take down the queen, and we went through many resources to attempt this feat, constantly being bombarded with the queens full attention, along with countless other scorched beasts, and the queens lacky monsters. We made it to about 10 minutes left in the fight, and we had not got her down to her mutation/health regeneration yet. I knew we had lost the fight at this point, but I kept on attempting to do damage to her, along with the rest of my brothers in arms.


At one point a legendary scorched fog crawler thumps me pretty good, and I had to direct my attention to him, I fight him for a few seconds, while he backs up toward the "barn/elevator" when I finally killed him. I then noticed about six yellow arrows inside of the barn, I look in the barn just to see six or seven people sitting there in mismatched power armor and hazmat suits, all between levels 30 and 70. A level 68 dude came up to me out of the barn and attempted to trade with me in the midst of this hell storm, appearing to try to trade glitch me so he could steal my weapon… or so I thought. This was the point that something in my head snapped. I had fought the queen eight times, with me personally launching the nuke seven of the times… I have only killed her four times, one of said times being the nuke that I did not launch. So I failed at the queen four times on nukes that I launched, and I had just found the source, and the source was attempting to steal my freaking legendary super-sledge with swing speed legendary effects…

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"Oh, you just fu*ked up" I said out loud to myself, directing it to the six cowards hiding in the barn, "You all just wait until the event ends, you are all going to die unless you leave" I said while only seeing red.


The event counted down, I proceeded to head to my house that was just about a minute outside of the blast zone. I stored all of my junk so I wouldn't lose anything other than caps if I died. I finished up that task, and then proceeded back in to hell. By the time I rejoined the event, the timer was at 30 seconds, and the queen was back at full health.


'Well fought men, we tried' I thought about the people who were still fighting the queen, till the bitter end.


I made my way back to the barn, to see most of the hiders still sitting on the elevator platform. Right as the event ended I proceeded to throw five or so plasma grenades on to the elevator, making them scatter, even though they wouldn't take much damage from them, as the headed toward the door, I routed them off, and hit one of them enough times to get a bounty on my head. It was at this time that they all turned their attention to my pitiful 10 cap bounty, and attempted to kill me. I was the one they should have been worried about, not the queen, or the fog crawlers or gulpers. I proceeded to slam down every person that attacked me, taking their junk while still being shot by other people. Oddly enough, the other high level people did not attempt to kill me, I think they knew what I was doing. I proceeded to bath in a mixture of blood, nuclear waste, and springs, until the hiders stopped respawning near Site Prime.


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I feel better, but I do not feel good about what I did. I am now a monster… I adopted the role playing role of a super hero/vigilantly when I started getting my mutations, and now I guess I am a super villain. This aught'a be fun to play around with, I will now wear my ultracite armor, and be known as The Purple Death.


Either way, it was all in good fun to me, and I still had a good time. Thanks for reading everyone!

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