To all the folks at Bethesda working in the trenches on FO76.

fallout 2 - To all the folks at Bethesda working in the trenches on FO76.

This is for you. I'm sorry. I am sorry that your leadership has failed you. They have taken your hard work, passion, dedication, effort and ran it through a metaphorical meatgrinder. The rough launch, the exploits, the mishandling of canvas freaking bags, and then players personal information…it's not your fault. I don't blame you. It is pretty obvious that development for FO76 was railroaded. And you folks did your best with what you were given to work with.

Wandering through the Wastelands of West Virginia coming across all the little unmarked vignettes that tell silent stories of horror and desperation in the face of certain nuclear annihilation has said something about the true character of you all. Thank you to all the people in the credits that did all the actual work of putting the game together. All the people doing the actual building. It takes some serious creative juice to do that kind of thing day in and day out for people that may or may not appreciate or recognize it.

Who else would take the time and effort to prop a radroach up on a commode with a bowler hat and walking cane? Or stage a scene at the top of a watchtower where two raiders had a dispute over a game of checkers. One with a bowie knife buried in their chest, the other with the contents of their brainpan splattered against the wall. But that isn't what really got me. It was the fact that someone took the time to place loose bottlecaps on a checkerboard, exactly on the spaces, some right side up, others flipped over. To you it may be all in a days work. But to me it was something special. An experience where, but for a moment, I wasn't a guy with a headset and controller in his hand. But a survivor scraping out an existence in a wasteland scavenging for anything useful. I just want to thank that person, or persons, for your passion and meticulous attention to detail. It is truly commendable.

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I didn't even loot the caps. I left it so maybe someone else could come across it and perhaps appreciate it in the same way I did.

Thanks again to all the actual creators at Bethesda. I can only hope you get the credit, recognition, praise and raises you all deserve for your efforts.

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