To Bethesda From The Owner Of Jokers Bargains And On Behalf Of Like Minded Merchants.

fallout 7 - To Bethesda From The Owner Of Jokers Bargains And On Behalf Of Like Minded Merchants.


Hello Bethesda staff ( sorry for my writing skills).

I run Jokers Bargains in game and on r/fo76bazaar and i wanted to come to you lads as a community merchant for this. With things we desperately need on this side. Now this is not to take away from bug fixing or anything.

Just remember you lads want us to be the npcs for others in the game. While i have run out of things to do personally in end game. I enjoy my time running my store and helping others survive. My settlement has everything any traveller needs and if i can help their gear i do. My store supports this and i believe this is the true end game for us.

Anyway here are some things that i hope you lads will please consider for 2019.

》 Said time and time again here but we need our robot camp vendors. Not only would they act as a stash increase for merchants to have a healthy supply for people. But it would allow the start of settlements.

Call them S.A.M




With funny jokes about traveling and learning the world. Allow us to then put items on them up to 500 – 1000 weight and set prices. Then allow us to set our camp (open) showing it on the map. Let us name our camps (gonna need a in game report system for this for offensive names).

》I am sure you lads have already seen this.

It got heavily upvoted in support of it and how much we need our text chat. Yes we can use the mod the author made. But not everyone uses mods or even knows of it.

Simply put we need text chat, i am currently going to buy a headset for the game myself. But i have a hard time hearing and really dislike talking to strangers if i can avoid it instead of asking them to constantly repeat what they said. All pc games i ever played always have a text chat option so first time issue.

》Allow us to break legendary items apart for legendary bits and legendary mods.

You then build a 1☆ base item that you like. Then use the two mod slots to give it two effects through legendary mods and each mod slotted raises it by 1☆.

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Then balance explosive and two shot while pumping the other less useful ones.

That way everyone is not reliant on rng and exploiting seems not worth the effort. While at the same time rewarding the players that put the work in and allow us to try and create intresting weapons. As a means of abit more end game content.


Like what would a chainsaw + Vampire + Two Shot (double dmg tick on chainsaw) + Furious be like?.

It could be more powerful than some of the current meta weapons (probably not but fun to make and try) lol…

Farming Whitespring nuke zone i tend to grab about 600+ weight of legendary items. Most are 1☆s and alot of the two 2☆ are useless. But i tend to find atleast 1 or 2 decentish items per nuke to sell.

But it just would be alot more fun to make my own crazy weapons out of them ( after yas balance the legendary effects and maybe add more crazy ones in). Then let us rename our weapons and my lord this would be great fun for merchants like myself and the community alike.

》 Let us build mods just the mods to sell / give to others.

》We need an in game mail system both to send stuff to alts and to send stuff to others in game. This includes the ability to send gifts to new players. I like to make little packages for new players that come on the server but normally unable to travel due to inventory for my shop taking up alot of room ( most of the time i cannot fast travel).

》Dupers have flooded the market its making and has made things really hard. As you can even see on EBAY these items are everywhere. If you lads could atleast speak up and just say at ths very least duping is against the rules. Seen a few who believe its ok because you lads have not said anything against it.

》Clans / Guilds would be a very great addition with text chat / instanced bases for them. Allow us merchants to setup up merchant guilds to keep supplies healthy. If i don't have an item a customer wants i can check with the merchant guild for the customer.

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》 Last thing we really need is just constant upgrades to the stash size when possible (server stability). Running the store , keeping a healthy supply of junk for myself and friends , items i build for new players and items i hold onto to give to friends. Would be nice to hit 2000 weight depending if you also let us display weapons and armor at our settlements.

Shout out to u/S-Plantagenet for doing the master list every single week. Make sure to get all your suggestions in before the next update. https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/a7p66k/master_list_of_quality_of_life_requests_for_the/?utm_source=reddit-android

Shout out to u/LoneVaultWanderer and u/Ladydevann as i see them posting all over and chatting with the community. It always makes me smile to see ya lads chatting with us.

Last shout out to the mods of this sub they all do a brillant and thankless job here. As well as the Fo76 community who has been one of my favourite communities to be apart of.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and i hope 2019 is a good year for all of us. 🙂

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