To the guys who obliterated my camp today

fallout 5 - To the guys who obliterated my camp today

I'm guessing I'll get downvoted to oblivion for this post.

My special needs kid asked me if she could build my camp. Been working it a few days. Games are generally really good for her cognitively, so sure. Figured we had all the PVP types happily in survival mode, and for some reason I thought they had eliminated the ability for people to wreck your base so it was pretty safe. I spent the weekend gathering junk and plans and let her at it. She did a pretty neat thing. I was watching (I work from home a lot, she was doing WAY better than I expected. She was excited every time someone popped by and gave her a thumbs up. I actually was thinking how nice the community was.

Oh no. Not so much. A group of three or four guys, at least two of which with levels in the triple digits show up and start blowing the place up for no apparent reason. in under 5 minutes its wrecked. My kid is heartbroken. In tears shes hitting at these guys…in pacifist…. as they rip down the thing shes been working on for hours. I come in and shes in tears asking me why these guys are doing this? She starts hitting them . She dies respawns, dies again.

Look, I know the game is littered with asshats who want to be "raiders". I blame Bethesda for creating a system where griefing is incentiveized. I haven't the faintest idea how, but my char went from 2k caps to 200 in 10 minutes. I'm assuming my kid got a bounty somehow and those people were farming her


I like the game, unlike nearly everyone I know who have already moved on. We need a full on coop mode for those of us who just want to play it without this crap. I tried to repair the base but it just costs too much. Shes going to start over instead of waiting for me to rebuild the thing. Shes taking it apart at the moment. Sad thing is she got the enjoyment from seeing people use her crafting stations, instruments etc. She just liked offering a service to other players.

But let me just ask two things if you bothered to read this…

Remember there are real people on the other side of the game. Yeah, the game allows you to be an asshole, bully other people. Bethesda clearly built the game that way. Just try to remember that when you treat people like shit, there are consequences. Karma is a real thing. I hope destroying my kids day was worth it. If you wouldn't do it to them when you are in the same room, why the hell do you think its OK cause you are semi anonymous?

I've been a gamer for many years. Playing online games since MUDs in the early 80s. I know people can be awful when given the mask of anonymity of a gamertag. This just…hit my heart hard.

Bethesda…for the love of all that's holy, do something about this. You built a truly fun game when people are cooperating. Let me opt myself and my kid out of being a target for your more immature and self centered audience. I just want a coop mode with absolutely no PVP at all. I doubt I'm alone.

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