To the person who was insta-killing noobs yesterday, thanks for the free caps!

fallout 76 discussion and inform - To the person who was insta-killing noobs yesterday, thanks for the free caps!

Yesterday on xbox LFG someone was saying stuff like "Free legacies, legacies in vendors, leaving the game so I'll drop stuff soon," and all the other 5 people in his group saying stuff like "I have 400k caps because I hacked come get some before I'm banned," I hope you all enjoy having no caps!

I joined this post because my friend (who just hit level 50) saw it, so I hopefully could get him at least some good stuff to get started. But, as I suspected, the guys with "400k caps" obviously were lying.

They had partially claimed a workshop, with their friends who weren't on a team with them standing on it, so that as soon as you walked up to them, it instigated PvP with them, and they would insta-kill people. My friend ended up losing about 250 caps because he kept messaging saying stuff like "oh these guys are killing noobs because they want the free stuff," which was obviously a lie since his name came up with who killed us.

We got invited to a party and joined it, so that solidified they were staging this, as all 6 of them were like "oh you got killed by 62, not 69," "oh, I never did bro, you're smoking something," et cetera. I was fed up with this because I had placed my TENT down to help new players on my team FT to them, along with my friends, and all they did was farm them for thousands of caps. One of the guys was wanted for 1050 caps, and the rest of the guys who weren't on the workshop were wanted for a lot too. The new players kept coming back under the false assumption that they were being truthful. I saw at least 7 new players come up to them just to get incinerated. Rinse and repeat.


I gathered some of my higher level friends (lvl 500+) and we went in and instantly killed them until they had no caps. They kept respawning for revenge so we kept killing them. Once we were getting 0 caps/kill, they were forced to respawn on the TENT they had, since they couldn't go anywhere. It was great because then they invited us to a party and begged us to stop, but then we just said "hey, look, if you're a level 75 and are gonna lure new players and kill them until you can't get any caps from them, what's stopping us from doing it to you?"

They eventually did leave by fast traveling to vault 76 and setting up the same scam in a different area. We just ended up running a silo and nuking their bases (they were all clustered in the whitesprings). We had level 20's working with level 500's to destroy some scummy 75's.

TL;DR: Some level 75's were exploiting workshops to spam-kill lower levels (levels like 15-50) for free caps. Ended up gathering 3 of my friends who are level 500+ and did the same thing back to them and drained their caps to 0.

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