To the players of fallout 76

fallout 6 - To the players of fallout 76

Hi and welcome to a short story of my first day of the parade. When the morning came I rushed outta bed pajamas and all happy and filled with joy knowing a new event came to the the wasteland I call home. After searching the town and finding out we still had time to wait. I was sad and being a rlly high lvl (200 with 500 or more hours) I didnt know what else to do. So why not move base right?? So that's just what I did I put my base smack down right by the event thinking hey why not. People would need a quick place to repair, build and eat it would be so helpful and cool to see the outcome. So as time went by humans of all shapes, sizes and types came pouring in to the town. Watching in wonder to what I was doing area chat became a playground full of voices filled with happiness and joy. Which made me feel so good it had been awhile since fallout 76 wasn't so toxic with player interaction. As time went by my base was built and others helped, donated and even stayed to hang and talk instead of jumping servers rushing the content like we all do. About 9 hours went by and I had the pleasure of meeting so many ( 70 or so people) of yall and it changed my mind on helping and talking to people again in the world of fallout 76. Then night time came and the world changed so many toxic players, most were mad my base was there and they couldnt build and be close, others were mad saying all of us here was ruining the game ( lag wise and spawns which was not the case) and the rest were just rude yelling cussing and being mean to anyone who had something to say in area chat. So what began as a beautiful start of new hope in the world for me quickly became a hell hole filled with explosion guns, tea bags and flying f u's all over the place. Trying to be understanding I tried talking to most of them and got nothing but anger and hate thrown my way. My base was destroyed idk how many times, it's very sad when most of these players were under my lvl by alot and all I wanted to do was make this event even better then what it was, you know just trying to add on to this world make it feel alive but sadly people dont want that all the time. I understand it's part of the game but when do we draw the line and say enough is enough. I'm glad I did what I did and I stick by it and welcome anyone to come hangout at the community house I built with all of you and yes there is food, beer and all types of things to share and enjoy but be nice to one another isnt there enough bs in this real world going on. Cant we just have a nice day and hang about and chill with people and kill things as one.


So that was my first day of the event it was fun it was amazing it made me feel so good knowing 15 plus people could hangout with no issue and have a grand time as strangers but leave as friends. I just wish people would understand that all the time and effort I put in wasnt to make a issue or to make people upset about where my base was. I just wanted to help all you humans out and make people happy.

Thanks for the read and have a great day out there humans, make the best of it 😸. I'm on ps4 and my tag is DATCATINDAHAT and plzs always remember one bad moment does not define the rest of the hours, mins and secs you have in this fine beautiful day.

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