To the Wanderer who tricked me into dying at his camp….I say, Bravo, ol’ Chap….Bravo

fallout 2 - To the Wanderer who tricked me into dying at his camp....I say, Bravo, ol' Chap....Bravo

I know the man's name. I can't mention it here for the rules reasons, but I had just read about this death camp mere hours before on Reddit while at work, but it never dawned on me that I would find myself actually in it. I finally got home and logged on to the Appalachia Wasteland. I ran W.S., the full loop. Scooped up a healthy number of 1* Legends and of course, a boatload of scrap along the way as well.

I moseyed over to the W.S. Train Station to get my hard earned scrip. Behind the station i saw a camp. I decided to check it out, as it appeared warm and welcoming. Little did I know, my impromptu shopping trip would turn into my untimely demise.

Entering the foyer in the front of the camp, I'm greeted with two vault boy stand-ups, pointing me to the doorway. I enter and in front of me are 4 vending machines, beckoning me with their warm green glow of promises of bounty and all my desires.

I visit the first vendor, scroll through the wares, decided this particular person is charging way too much for my Vault 76 wallet, and proceed to strafe to the second machine. And that's when it happened.

Behind me, i heard the rusty, grinding sound of gears as the metal garage door slams shut. I exit the Vendor Screen and spin around only to find myself locked in this tiny department store. As I begin to scan the room looking for a switch or some kind of way to open the door, both sides of the room, the left and right, burst apart, revealing 4 flame thrower traps on each side!

As the Power Armor begins to heat up, I can smell the paint and rubber beginning to melt off my prized chassis. It stings my nose and my eyes begin to water. My mind races to comprehend what is happening and suddenly, amidst all the chaos and searing flames, I realize:

I've been duped. Tricked. Trapped!


I died of course, burning out Stims to stay alive as long as I could, but it was futile. The flames eventually devoured my armor and incinerated my delicate flesh that lay underneath. I sat there, stunned. This had never happened to me before. I try to re-spawn, however, I was only able to revive myself at Vault 76, no place else. I choose there, and upon loading back in, I see that "another player has stolen your loot." I laugh. God help me, like a madman I actually laughed! This was both horrific and yet brilliant at the same time!

I went back to the camp and saw no one, however my map showed me the owner was there. Level 12. I searched and searched for this hidden pirate, and found no one. I really wanted to congratulate him, to 'thumbs up' him for a devious job well done. By far, the most ingenious, imaginative way to loot farm I have come across in my near 500 hours of game time. I popped some Berry Mentats and there he was. Tucked away within the walls of some form of basement that was inaccessible to me. I saw your purple haze. You sat there, motionless, as I ran about your camp trying to find a way to meet you. I tired after a minute or two, and stood above where your purple blob-outline was and gave you the biggest "thumbs up" emote I could.

You sir, surprised me. At a point in the game where I thought I had seen it all, killed it all, experienced it all–you still surprised me. I actually appreciated what you did. You threw an element of the game at me that had been missing for so so many levels and taught me that no matter how comfortable you get in the Wasteland, no matter how much you think you know, there's always reasons to be on your guard.

TLDR: I got caught in a CAMP death trap for my first time, and I wasn't even mad…

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