To those of you who enjoyed a Scorched Earth about 10PM EST last night, I just want you to know that was a grueling, arduous task for me

fallout 76 discussion and inform - To those of you who enjoyed a Scorched Earth about 10PM EST last night, I just want you to know that was a grueling, arduous task for me

Story Time:

Last night I launched my first nuke. By myself too. And I was not prepared.

So my goal with FO76 was to finish the MSQ, hit 50 and launch my own Nuke. Last night I got to the "I Am Become Death" quest and began my quest to unleash nuclear hellfire. Got my Keycard. Looked up the code for this week because I'm not stupid (and also a bit lazy).

I figure that since you have to chase down the keycard and figure out the code that the actual Silo Dungeon won't be too long or hard, right?

I load up with my PA. Take my Minigun with 1,300 rounds of 5mm, and my Gatling Plasma with 1,500 rounds. 15 Frags. And a crap ton of healing and food. I feel like that is gonna be more than enough, right? Maybe a couple wave defenses, a couple of Sentry Bots at the end and that is all, right?



I get about 2 fifths of the way or so through the silo and I'm dry. Dead Man's Click on both guns. Now, being an intelligent, veteran gamer, I have some options one of which is;

  1. Retreat, restock with a CRAPTON more ammo and come back better prepared.
  2. Ask for help since I have a keycard, know the code and people like loot, right?

Either one of those would be a good option, right? Which do you think I picked?

If you chose

  1. Put up my dukes, yell "WHY DON'T YOU COME CATCH THESE HANDS INSTEAD, BROBOT!?" and start punching the nearest robot in it's face

Congratulations, you're correct also what the hell were you doing in my house watching me last night?

Needless to say, that didn't really produce results – or any progress really. Especially since I had zero Unarmed Perks. Sometime after like the 12th punch I remembered I had grenades, and those got me a little further, but not by much (GODDAMN Grenades have terrible range in FO76).


At this point, I gave up right?

Nope. After the grenade attempts, I realized I had picked up an Assaultron Blade somewhere along my way to the Silo. I was no longer merely an ape trying to smash my way through technology.

I was an ape with a SHARP STICK.

So I did the only logical thing – I did a metric FUCKLOAD of chems, put on my only two Melee Perks (Incisor 1 and Master Gladiator 1) and threw myself into the melee.

The Blade was about as effective as a rusty machete IRL, but it cut body parts off surprisingly well and often. Screamingly (somewhat quietly though) like Rambo half the time, I managed to cut down even THE SENTRY BOT before I finally arrived at my salvation – the Tinkerer's Bench meant to be used for the Mainframe Cores. I crafted an excessive amount of Plasma Cores and blasted my way through the rest of the dungeon. After finally launching the nuke nearly an hour past when I thought I was going to stop playing, I emerged from the silo covered in blood (mine) and and soaked in oil (mostly theirs).

Also, my CAMP was a bit too close the Prime Fissure, so I had wound up nuking my own CAMP to boot. Which I got to watch! (And die in!). After dying to the nuke….it respawned me underground. INSIDE THE FISSURE.

I had to get out of my PA in order to die again, so that I would respawn above ground.

Only to die from Rads immediately again.

Finally I spawned at the CAMP, lived long enough get into my Shelter (still standing) and get back into my PA to join the fight and finish my time with FO76.

In conclusion – I just wanted you to know the story behind that Troubleshooter's Wood Right Arm you got and immediately vendor'd last night.

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