To you, determined Colossus killer

fallout 6 - To you, determined Colossus killer

The queen was dead and in almost record time. I hung around the area expecting another nuke as It was clear it was that type of server. What I didn't expect was you. I saw 1 lone dot in the grove I didn't hover over it to check the level. I just tossed on my PA and headed down to see what was in the grove. I heard potshots, probably just some mutants or something but no, just you going face to face with a Colossus. A level 100 tirelessly trying to kill it, I threw some shots on it clearly forgetting that while I can wipe out most mobs pretty easily I suck against the bosses.

I retreated thinking now would be a great time to finally give my heavy gunner build a try, I equipped all my cards and was ready, just in time for another nuke to be inbound. I checked the map, the grove was not in the blast, the colossus would be saved for later and we would have more guns to join the fight.

The queen shows up landing near the barn, the fight was spent in this area the whole time, the grove so close to all of us. If just 1 or 2 goes into the grove this could be an easy fight. For some reason though the crowd was gone, I don't know that I've ever seen a queen fight clear out so quickly. All nukes were launched though.

I hung around, checking inventory, doing some looting thinking it was over, onto whatever was next. Until I saw you running for life but that wasn't a run of fear it was a run of determination. You had lured the colossus all the way to the barn, to life! and his death, but it was just me and a level 98.

I did what I could but thought you guys are just wasting your ammo and time, I put down some fire, and helped with the lone wendigos before retreating, mainly for a better weapon to help as I realized my heavy gunner build was trash and I also needed to swap my cards around. When I was done you were farther west, I figured you had given up. Since I was over encumbered I needed to get to Watoga station, that was my goal the whole time anyways.


I saw your 2 dots and a 3 star SB in the sky, I figured your focus was on a winnable battle now, til I saw it. You crazy son of bitch, you lured that colossus all the way to Survey site Alpha, hoping to use the SAM against it. It reminded me of my early days where I would attempt to do the same, usually all for nothing but you have to give it a go. The kind of idealism that alot of us had before we got so used to 1-2 shotting most mobs, and even though I was still pretty useless against bosses I just felt pretty jaded or just lazy really. You guys were fools, you were going to die continuously and burn up all your ammo and for what? a crappy drop? 40 scrip?

The fact that you went back and somehow got him to Site Alpha was inspiring, as I watched that SB fight the colossus you were using classic Enemy vs enemy to do what needed to be done, the SAM as well though that wasn't working out quite well, stupid tents. I was on board, I tried to join a team to get other people to join as it was now a 4some and not a single heavy hitter among us, but fk it I thought. I had managed to join a hunting team, surely one of these people will want to get in on this legendary enemy I thought, but no.

I realized this was it, there was not going to be any reinforcements,no bloody builds, no explosive Gatling plasmas, it was just us and I was now fully committed to using every single round I had to kill that Colossus with you. It wasn't about the XP, or the drop It was about so much more than that and that colossus was going to die but than I died. My game froze. I was hoping that being in a team would get me back in but it did not. I spent 40 minutes server hopping, praying I would get back into that server but was unable to do so.

I really hope you guys killed him, hell you may still even be fighting him. So to you level 100 on PS4 whose name starts with a T and I think ends with a bunch of numbers you are my hero along with the other 2 guys. I should pay more attention to names but you are an inspiration.

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