Today I bought Fo1st. It is all I ever wanted from Fo76, and it just makes me angrier at the turn the gaming industry has taken.

fallout 2 - Today I bought Fo1st. It is all I ever wanted from Fo76, and it just makes me angrier at the turn the gaming industry has taken.

Mandatory: I love the Fallout franchise and Fo76 is no exception. I've played since the BETA, if you can call it that as it was too close to the game to serve any purpose. I was active until the day Fo1st rolled out. I saw FO1st as a minor pay to win. This bothered me as I was very competitive with my friends and i really couldn't afford a membership. At the time i was between jobs and started cutting down on everything. Only kept netflix and utilities.

Around valentines day my SO and me decided to jump back in as a date. We enjoyed it, played it and I was soon back to my usual pace. This consisted of a daily routine of legendary hunting, filling my stash, taking every cap from the vendor and script from the purveyor. Although we did not notice a change in content we did notice a change in the community. One mayor was the economy. I found it hilarious, an amazing lore wise, that ammo was a more powerful currency than caps. So i started collecting and trading. As I visited the market I found it odd that some people would offer stacks of materials that i could never hold in my stash. One day i managed to craft 5k .556 and i was OE for must of that day. I was miserable. I really wanted to trade, but how am i supposed to have 60k .556?

Well last thursday I got extremely sick and Got ordered bed rest. I was alone and bored with my stash full, purveyor and vendor taped out and I really couldn't afford to destroy some amazing legendaries that i might be able to trade if I wait long enough. So my SO bless her hart tells me to just buy FO 1st for the scrpabox. I didn't want to, it felt like cheating but hell it was ether destroy my belongings or wait a few weeks until I managed to trade/use my wares.


Well it was as I thought fucking PAY TO WIN. In half a day. My stash is down to 600 pounds. I got over 60 legendary weapons and armor on sale at my camp. I gathered 10k .556, 3k FC, and 2k .45. I even got ammo for my so and fo76 BFF. I didn't even play 5 hours and got more than I would've gotten in a week.

Now, I know this is very useful, but is it fair? Is it fair that only money will get you what you want in this game. Server stability, decent stash, uncontested workshops, uncontested legendaries and events, is that fair? There are so many ways in which this could've been made fair. The fact that i am allowed to grind unrestricted in a private world and then flood the economy of adventure mode is wrong. That i can gather over 2k steel scrap and easily trade it for a BTSE. Hell i figured out an exploit for legendaries in my first 5 hours. I can't imagine what ill manage to find out tomorrow.

I don't want to make this the usual cry baby post i see in this sub. I just want to share my 2 cents, it is pay to win, and the gaming industry is leaning towards this. It is a trend that reminded me of Ready Player One. I feel like one day is Fallout first, next well get adds during loading screens. This makes me so scared as a gamer. I don't really want to play FO76 without 1st anymore, so to get the full experience I have to be able to afford it. I never thought in my 25+ years of gaming that I would have to budget in order to make a game that I love more enjoyable and worst even playable. Not having FO1st is such a disadvantage that I see no point in continuing unless i cough up the money.

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