Today, in “Why Am I Still Alive”… I fought a SB Queen for the first time. At level 45. Here’s how that went.

fallout 4 - Today, in “Why Am I Still Alive”... I fought a SB Queen for the first time. At level 45. Here’s how that went.

I heard that triple XP was a thing right now, and being lower than I’d like to admit, I decided to grind until I was at least level 50. When I started, I was level 38, and in about three days of (inconsistent) gameplay, I hit level 43. Mildly proud of myself, as I’ve also completed a full set of T-45 power armor that I thought I’d never use but was cool anyways, I called it a night.

Queue day 4. I level up twice before it all begins. Got my hands on a Gatling laser with a tactical sight. Nothing special but I’m like “cool, I’ll hang it on my wall or something, cuz that’s a thing now”.

Then I get the annoying ass beeping that “oh hey by the way, there’s a fucking NUKE incoming”.

I’ve got a power armor chassis at home, a laser Gatling gun in my hands, nothing to lose, and five levels left before I hit 50. I’ve never been inside a nuked zone or killed a Scorchbeast before, let alone a Queen, so…

I said fuck it, and hauled ass to the drop zone.

Once there I was greeted by at least eight(?) other players, all of which were level 80+, most of which were in similar loadouts to me, surprisingly, and one of which was using Grognak’s clothes and a fucking baseball bat, but I wasn’t there to judge.

Queue SBQ spawn.

I suddenly realize how underleveled I am.

First off, everything that spawns is level 60+. That’s not a big deal for the other players, but for me, the level 45 with no mods in her power armor or her Gatling, that’s a big deal. I spent most of the time running away from the ads and feeling somewhat useless, and to whoever was saving my ass constantly, I appreciate you greatly.

Second off, like I said, you really really REALLY don’t want to do something like this without the mods or gear in general for it. Especially underleveled. It sucks. Like sucking Scorchbeast shit through a paper straw. You’ll be watching everyone else curbstomp everything within a 10 mile radius that has the balls to so much as BREATHE in their general direction while you’re the one kiting enemies into their line of sight.


Which is helpful, in its own way. They always say send the clowns in so the soldiers can clean up after ‘em, or something like that.

But anyways, give it about five minutes, and the SBQ has healed twice now. Turns out this is normal. I quickly realize that, while a minigun that shoots fucking Fusion energy is pretty badass looking, it’s not doing jack fuck to the Queen’s health.

I had assumed my melee-loving ass would be a bad thing to bring along.

I was very wrong.

I pulled out my Blade of Bastet (I know it’s useless on enemies with no armor, but that’s my go-to melee item), and anytime SBQ was on the ground, I started swinging. I did… surprisingly well once I switched to this. Even the ads were tolerable if I managed to get them to fight me one at a time.

So we continued on like this. Any time SBQ took off flying I was on revive duty, though not many people actually went down. We had killed her in less than another 5 minutes, and lo and behold, I leveled up twice throughout the whole thing.

So I looted, got what I came for, and hauled ass to Watoga station to sell it all. For the most part the SBQ loot is just ingredients for food and scrap. She had a plan for tables I already knew so I guess there’s a chance for other plans too, but I wouldn’t know for sure. Other than that, the best loot came from the ads that spawned around her.

So then I figured I’m done for the night, start packing up, and nearly log out.

Before I can, I hear more annoying beeping.

I killed three SBQs with those guys on that day.

Moral of the story?

Run your builds, even if they may feel useless in the situation. And if you got the team for it, SBQ ain’t SHIT. Just thought I’d share.

(P.S.; To the people who happily carried me through these kills, you guys absolutely rock. Safe travels to all y’all.)

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